Sponsorship Info

Does your company offer products or services that are of interest to people in the Alfa Romeo community? If so, you've come to the right place! AONE sponsorships are a very inexpensive and cost-effective means of presenting what you offer to our approximately 225 members  (plus countless non-member Alfisti who visit our website).

As you may know, ads appear randomly on nearly all of the pages of our website. Instead of assessing different rates based on the size of ads, our advertising rates are based on the frequency with which they appear (all ads are physically the same size — see the example below). There are four levels of sponsorship, related to the frequency with which your advertisement appears on our website:

Frequency Annual
Silver 1X $90
Gold 2X $150
Platinum 3X $215
Verde 4X $275

In other words, a Gold Level advertiser will have his ads appear twice as often as a Silver Level advertiser, and a Verde Level advertiser's ads will appear four times as often. These advertising rates represent a reduction to approximately half of what they were back in the "old days" of our printed monthly newsletter. These days, Alfisti from all over New England (and the country!) visit our website several times a month.

Example ad — clicking on it links to your website or a full-screen ad

Your company will also be listed on our Sponsors page, with links to your website. Ads must be prepaid in advance of the calendar year in which they run. 

We'll be happy to work with you to develop an ad if you don't already have artwork available. If you'd like help designing your ad, or if you'd like any changes to the content or appearance of your current one, please contact Dave Pratt at webmaster@velocissima.com. He'll be happy to work with you on your graphics (no charge for this).

We think you'll find that becoming one of our club's distinguished sponsors will be quite worth your while — we're a very visible presence in the Alfa Romeo community. Please contact our advertising chairman John DeWaele at jdewaele@aol.com for further details or to get your sponsorship program rolling. We look forward to working with you!

Sponsorship Info