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Alfa Romeo Books

Alfa Romeo 6C2500 by Angelo Tito Anselmi. A magnificent limited-edition book out of Italy.

Alfa Romeo: Ninety Years of Success on Road & Track by David Owen. Fun Alfa history from England, with much on the competition cars as well as all the production cars. Hardbound, 220 pages, 160+ illustrations.

The Alfasud: A Collector's Guide by David Owen. Very good 128-page hardbound book from England. Covers everything you'd ever want to know about the small FWD Alfa Romeo. Includes the history and development of the type, all the variations, competition history, specifications and performance figures, production from 1972 to 1984 (the book was published in 1985) Purchasing, maintenance and what it's like to live with a 'Sud. Lots of good photos and illustrations.  

The Alfa Romeo Bible by Pat Braden. From Robert Bentley Publishers. Braden has compiled a wealth of information and tips on how to help keep your Alfa in top shape. Not a shop manual per se, but rather a companion to the workshop manuals with a lot of answers to questions not covered elsewhere. It deals with nearly the entire range of Alfas, including the 164, but with emphasis on the Giulietta and Giulia series. There's also information on the Alfettas and even the Montreal and Alfasud. The book is arranged by system rather than by model, so you can expect chapters on engines, transmissions, coachwork (including the Zagato cars) etc. It covers most of the common repairs and maintenance one might be likely to perform on their Alfa, including head gasket replacement, Alfetta donut repair, and even high-performance tuning. The history portions are pretty good too and this may be the only Alfa book you'll ever need. A welcome and extremely useful addition to the Alfa library or, perhaps the shop bookshelf. It's about 260 pages in length with over 300 illustrations. Softbound, large 8-1/2" x 11" format.

Alfa Romeo Corse: 1913-1981 A beautifully presented portfolio of 18 classic black and white large-format photographs, perfect for framing, of Alfa's most famous racing cars. Includes Italian language large format brochure by Gonzalo Alvarez Garcia. Includes everything from the 1913 40/60 HP and other Merosi cars through the legendary Jano racers, the 158 and 159 Alfettas, the Tubolare Zagatos, Tipo 33s and the more recent Grand Prix cars. A very interesting collection and a great collectible piece.

Alfa Romeo Disco Volante by Carlo Felice Bianchi Anderloni, The story of Alfa's famous 1900-based Flying Saucer and its variants, including the coupe and the 3000CM. Author is the son of Touring's founder. Hardbound, 96 pgs, Italian.

Alfa Romeo: All Cars From 1910 by Luigi Fusi. 880-page encyclopedia of Alfa by Alfa Romeo's oldest employee, historian and the curator of the famous Alfa museum [old info]. Every model through '78. An enormous amount of information and a great reference work.  

The Immortal 2.9 by Simon Moore. One of the finest books ever published on Alfa. Only 2500 copies were printed. Winner of the Cugnot Prize for automotive literature (given by The Society of Automotive Historians to only one book each year). Out of print for several years, this large format 10- x 10' hardbound book tells the complete story, by chassis number, of virtually every one of the 8C2900 Alfas produced during the late 1930's - less than 40. A splendidly told story with scores of beautifully reproduced photographs. Over 250 pages of history of the most magnificent Alfa Romeos.  

Effeno Alfa 12" LP record of classical music and softbound book of Italian cultural history. In special package. Old Alfa boutique item originally available only through Alfa dealers. A unique addition to the Alfa Iiterature and memorabilia collection. Long out of production.

Kimberley's Grand Prix Team Guide: Alfa Romeo Softbound, 26-pages, Alfa's F1 team through '82, profiles, color photos.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Coupes and Spiders by R. Bremner. History, competition, purchase & restoration. 7-1/4" x 9-1/2", 160 pages, 150 Illustrations  

Alfa Romeo Giulia Coupe: GT & GTA by John Tipler. Wonderful 8" x 10" hardbound 160-page British book. Includes history, competition, buying, restoration, over 200 illustrations. Very popular.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider La Collection 'Classic', by Bruno Affieri. A series out of Automobilia in Italy. Colorful little softbound booklet, about the size of an owner's manual. Approx 70 pages.

Alfa Romeo Spider, Alfasud & AHetta GT: The Complete Story British book covering the later models, 192 pps, hardbound  

Alfa Romeo Duetto Spider by Giancenzo Malfaro, English edition. Covers all the recent models, Softbound 95-pages, many photos

Alfa Romeo Giulia GT by Brkio Pignacca, English edition. Companion to Malfaro Duetto book. Includes history, technical specs.  

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider by G. Derosa. A book out of Libreria dell'Automobile in Milan. It's a softbound book in the same series (The Cars That Made History) as the books on the Giulia GT, Duetto Spider and Montreal that you'll find listed here. It's approximately 96 pages in length and no doubt full of the same good information and photos as the other books, but it's available only in Italian.

Alfa Romeo Montreal by Luigi Giuliani. In the same series as the Duetto and Sprint GT books out of Italy, but this one's only available in Italian. It's also softbound, about 96 pages in length with well over 100 photos, both in color and black & white. In fact, most people who have bought it say it's worth the price just for the photos and, really, Italian text is not all that hard to decipher.

Alfa Romeo Catalogue Raisonne: 1910-1989 Massive 2-volume set, covers everything. English/French/ltalian. Spectacular, 500+ pgs, 1100 illustrations

Alfa Romeo Giulia: History & Restoration, by P. Braden, softbound, 192 pgs, 300 ill. Very useful, Well worth the money. Pat knows his Alfas well and offers a great deal of both history and tips for buying and restoring your Giulia. You'll still need a comprehensive manual to do the job right, but this will save you a lot of time and money with that Giulia project. It may even deter you from taking it on. A very popular book. 

Alfa Romeo: The Legend Revived by David Styles. Full history with emphasis on the postwar cars from the 6C2500 'Freccia d'Oro' (the car they blew up in The Godfather movie), to the modern 164 FWD sports sedan, hardbound, 8-1/2" x 9-1/2", 480 pages with over 650 illustrations. Format is much like the long-out-of-print, Peter Hull & Roy Slater book, Alfa Romeo: A Story, and like that book, does a fine job covering both the competition and the road cars. It's tempting to suggest it's overpriced, but it's good and currently the only full history of the Alfa Romeo cars and is far less expensive than the two-volume Catalogue Raisonne.

Illustrated Alfa Romeo Buyer's Guide by Joe Benson. 2nd edition, revised '92, new photos (many from the '92 St Louis AROC convention) and models. Lots of good information in these Buyer's Guides, including parts sources and other resources.

Alfa Romeo by Fabien Sabates. Hardbound, approx 8" x 10", 63 pps, similar in size and format to the old Great Marques: Alfa Romeo book. French text, lots of color illustrations of Alfa's coach-built cars and production prototypes not found elsewhere.

Famous Automobile Museums #1: Alfa Romeo Japanese/English text, Hardbound; long O/P. Great museum catalog,

The Alfa Romeo Tradition by Griffith Borgeson, Unique history of Alfa told through interviews and stories of the people of Alfa. One of the best books about Alfa Romeo, but may appeal most to the historian. If you're looking for chassis numbers and racing results, this is not the book to buy, but it is a wonderful history of the marque and the people who played a part in the history of Alfa. Sure to be a classic and well worth picking up

Alfa Romeo 1900 Sprint by Gonzalo Alvarez. Italian text, but lots of very nice photos, covers all the 1900s, including the BAT cars. Le Auto Classiche series from Italy. Hardbound, laminated cover, 9" x 12", 120 pgs. Very nice

Alfa Romeo Spider: 1955-1986 Album of reproduced old ads and sales brochures, hardbound, good checklist and interesting, if esoteric reading. Much cheaper and easier than trying to find all the old original literature. English text.

Alfa Romeo Spider by Marco Matteucci. La Collection series edition from Automobilia. Lovely softbound 72-page book covering the venerable and lamented Alfa Spider. Although most of the book is devoted to the current Iteration of the model, about a third is given over to history of the type and includes information and photos on the older models. Includes sections on styling, mechanical specifications, driving impressions and a chapter on sales literature. The final pages include a color chart. About the size of an owner's manual. Very nicely done and a great value.  

Alfa Romeo Spider Catalogue Raisonne: 1910 - 1992 by Bruno Alfieri. Second and updated edition of the book previously titled: Alfa Romeo Spider Masterpiece #2. Nice colorful book on all the Alfa spiders, including the Giulietta and 2000/2600 series. Nice photography, specifications of all the Spiders from the Giulietta on. English/Italian/French text, hardbound,11 x 11 format, 96 pages, 200 illustrations. From Automobilia in Italy, the same people who publish the beautiful Ferrarissima series.

Alfa Romeo Giulia & Giulietta 1954-78 German text, catalog of old ads and sales literature,8 x 9 hardbound, interesting

Alfa Romeo Repair & Tune-up Guide Reprint of old Glenn's guide, Giulietta, Giulia, early 2000/2600, softbound 156 pgs. You re not going to be able to do a complete restoration with this, but it's very handy for the glove compartment and contains a lot of useful information

Alfa Romeo Giulia: Owners Workshop Manual. Brooklands Books reissue of Autobooks manual covering years 1962-1975. Includes 1300, 1600,1750 and 2000 Coupes, Supers and Spiders. Includes second-hand buying guide, wiring diagrams, technical data and hints on maintenance and overhaul. Softbound,167 pages.

Road & Track on Alfa Romeo, 1949-1963 Brooklands series, softbound collection of articles, road tests, features, approx 100 pgs

Road & Track on Alfa Romeo, 1964-1970 Brooklands series, softbound collection of articles, road tests, features, approx 100 pgs  

Road & Track on Alfa Romeo, 1971-1976 Brooklands series, softbound collection of articles, road tests, features, approx 100 pgs  

Road & Track on Alfa Romeo, 1977-1989 Brooklands series, softbound collection of articles, road tests, features, approx 100 pgs  

Alfa Romeo Alfetta Coupes, 1974-1987 Brooklands series, softbound collection of articles, road tests, features, approx 100 pgs

Alfa Romeo Giulia Berlinas, 1962-1976 Brooklands series, softbound collection of articles, road tests, features, approx 100 pgs  

Alfa Romeo Spider, 1966-1990 Brooklands series, softbound collection of articles, road tests, salon features, approx 100 pgs

Alfa Romeo GTV-6: 1980-1986 Brooklands series. A softbound 100+ page collection of magazine articles on the 6-cylinder Alfa coupe. Includes road tests, technical data, driving impressions, comparison tests, etc. from American and foreign magazines.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Coupes, 1963-1976 Brooklands series, softbound collection of articles, road tests, features,

Alfa Romeo Giulia Coupes, 1963-1976 Gold Portfolio larger Brooklands book, same format, approx 180 pages, no duplication

Alfa Romeo Giulietta, 1954-1965 Gold Portfolio larger Brooklands book, same format, approx 180 pages, no duplication

Alfa Romeo Spider 1966-1991 Gold Portfolio larger Brooklands book, same format approx 180 pages, no duplication  

Alfa Romeo Alfetta: 1972-1987 Gold Portfolio. From Brooklands, this follows the usual format of old magazine articles from the popular motoring press, but in an expanded version of about 180 pages. Typically, these Gold Portfolios do not duplicate articles published in the standard Brooklands books.

Alfa Romeo Spica Fuel Injection Manual (small, but useful)

Alfa Romeo Spiders Autohistory by David Owen. Hardbound,136 pages. In the popular Autohistory series from Osprey. Covers all the Spiders from the Duetto, the 1750 and on to the early 80's edition.

Alfa Romeo SZ by Roberto Piatti, lovely color essay on the ES30 Zagato car, hardbound,10 x 12, 96 pgs  

Alfa Romeo Zagato SZ/TZ by Marcello Minerbi. A nice 194-page hardbound book by the best of the Zagato historians. Covers the entire history and development of the Giulietta Spring Zagatos and the later Tubolare Zagatos. Includes the SVZ and a great deal of historical information. Without a doubt the definitive work on these cars. Text is in both English and Italian. Over 150 old photos. Great book

Alfa Romeo 164 by Bruno Altieri. Out of Italy, but includes English text. Hardbound 103 pgs, colorful study

Alfa Romeo Veloce: The Racing Giuliettas 1956-1963 Well-told history of the competition Giuliettas. Hardbound, 8 x 10, 250 pages. An excellent book  

Alfa Romeo Tipo 6C: 1500, 1750, 1900 by Angela Cherrett, great old B/W photos and excellent history, Hardbound 8 x 10, 229 pgs

Alfa Romeo Modello 8C2300 by Angela Cherrett. Not cheap, but probably the definitive work on the 2300 Alfas. Out of Veloce Publishing in England, hardbound, 8 x 11,190+ pages, great old photos and a lot of great history.

Le Alfa di Merosi e di Romeo Hardbound, 270 pages, Italian text. Covers the earlier cars through 1923. Wonderful old photos, nice book, companion volume to Alfa Romeo di Vittorio Jano (now out of print)

Alfa Romeo Pocket History by Gonzalo Alvarez. 68 pages, small colorful booklet, in English, out-of-print

Alfa Romeo ES 30 Zagato 24-page 8 x 10 softbound essav, rare publication by Zagato, O/P

Alfa Romeo GTA, Jigsaw 300 pieces. From Japan. Beautiful artwork of competition GTA, includes glue and spreader.10 x 15 when finished, great for framing. No longer produced.

Alleggerrta A fantastic book out of Corsa Research in Belgium, though with English text, on the Alfa Romeo GTA, including the GTA 1300 Junior and GTAm. It s a limited edition, numbered book, hardbound, over 400 pages and comes in slipcase. It includes a GTA Owner's Manual (undoubtedly a reprint or facsimile), reproduced blueprints for such things as a 4-valve head and each book includes over 350 color and B&W photos. High-quality printing, all important Autodelta information and homologation papers are included. Introductory pieces by the late Carlo Chiti, Toine Hezemans and Horst Kwoch. Probably the definitive work on the subject. If you love the lightweight Alfas, this Is a must-have volume.

Grelit Marques: Alfa Romeo by David Owen. 1989 Tiger Book's edition of the original Octopus book. Hardbound, 80 pages. Full of great color photos of both the production and racing cars. Now out-of-print.

Leggendarie Alfa Romeo by Luciano Greggio. A stunning book. A beautiful photgraphic essay of 33 classic Alfa Romeos. Beautifully bound in slipcase. Format is approx 10" x 13", 247 pages. Includes great shots of everything from the early 24HP and RL to the 33TT12, plus Montreals, Giuliettas, Giulia Supers, Zagato cars, just about everything imaginable. The text is all Italian, but it's primarily a photo album - more an art book, really - and Italian's not that tough to read anyway. It's easily the most beautiful book on Alfa.

Spotlight on Alfa Romeo Down Under, Part One & Part Two by David Wright. These two books are really quite interesting. They're out of Australia and are very much like the Brooklands books (Road & Track on Alfa Romeo), et al, but all the road tests and magazine articles are from Modem Motor Magazine. The format's slightly smaller than the Brooklands books, but they're hardbound, about 130 pages in length and the photo reproduction is better. Part One covers the early cars up to the Giulia Berlinas and 1750 GTV. The second book covers everything else, from the Alfasud to the 164. Each volume includes a brief history of Alfa Romeo in Australia, specifications of the various models, and a lot of great old advertisements. No color, I'm sorry to say, but at least the B&W photos are of good quality. Probably for the more serious library on Alfa Romeo. Good books, interesting reading, but probably of not much value to anyone looking to buy a used Alfa, unless you're going to Australia to find one.

Le Zagato: Fiat Berlinetta 8VZ - Alfa Romeo 1900 SSZ, by Michele Marchiano. 110 pgs, 120 illustrations. 9" x 11" hardbound, full of history and photos on both of these Zagato-built cars. Includes competition history, homologation sheets, etc.

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