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Coefficient of Drag - A compilation of drag coefficient figures for several Alfa models, with other cars included for comparison

Cams Rating System - The system used by Alfa Ricambi and developed by Shankle Automotive Engineering

Alfa Gearbox Ratio Chart - The transmission and overall gear ratios, and speed per 1000RPM, for several street/race transmission/differential combinations

Performance Limited By Knock - A discussion of the causes of and solutions to engine knock (detonation)

Re-Keying Alfa Door Locks - A pair of articles that'll help get your doors to lock (and unlock)

Beyond Prestone - The Chemistry of Cooling - An in-depth look at cooling systems and the efficacy of those magnetic plugs

Balancing Weber Carburetors - A feeler gauge approach for balancing multiple Webers, by Pat Braden

Statistics & Data

Alfa Romeo Model Designations - Numeric series assigned by Alfa Romeo to their post-war models, e.g. "101.24" is a US-spec Giulietta Sprint Veloce made from 1959-1962

Alfa Models in the USA - A tabulation of the cars that Alfa Romeo officially brought us from 1968 to 1995

Reference & Historical

Alfa Corse/Autodelta History - Pat Braden discusses the story of Alfa Romeo's racing teams over the years

Alfa Romeo Books - A huge compilation of books written over the years about Alfa Romeo

Alfas In Film - A listing of over 50 films in which Alfa Romeos have appeared

What's That Badge Mean, Anyway? - Jack Hagerty's account of the origins and history of Alfa Romeo's cross-and-serpent emblem

Alfa Romeo Resource List - A very comprehensive listing of Alfa Romeo parts, restoration, service, and modification suppliers with complete contact information

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