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Welcome to AONE's new mobile-friendly website!  Since over half of all internet access is done using mobile devices these days, we decided to get with the program and make our website as modern and easy to use as possible.

The site is designed to re-size itself based on the screen size of the device it's running on. There are some cool mobile-type features, especially for club events where you can press a button to place a phone call to the event organizer, or send him/her an email, or get a map and directions to the location.

Navigation of the site is simple and mobile-like. On the home page is the main menu (a collection of buttons with names that should look familiar). All of the other pages (for example, this one) have a "Back" button at the top left. Pressing the AONE logo on the top right brings you to the home page / main menu.

The site also uses a new mobile-oriented photo display scheme — try it on any of the event reports. When you choose a photo, it fills the whole screen, and you can then press arrow buttons or swipe the image to move to the next one. (This even works on desktops, where you can swipe the image by dragging your mouse.) Tapping/clicking the image brings up the navigation buttons and caption (if present). There's even a slide show option.

The new website includes all of the Event Reports and Articles going back to 2010. Earlier information is still available in our Archives (bottom of the main menu), going back to 1999. Note that the Archives remain in the older full-screen (i.e., not mobile-friendly) format.

Although you shouldn't need it, you can download a printable PDF Help file that contains more detail.

While the content of our website remains the same, the mobile-friendly design is all new. It's been tested on various desktops, laptops, and smartphones, but obviously not on all. Any bugs/problems you find, suggestions for improvement, and comments of any sort will be appreciated — send them to:

Dave Pratt, Webmaster


Help With This Website