Wachusett Tour

It may have been overcast and threatening rain, but our hearts were light as we set off on the 2021 Wachusett Run. Noticeably missing were Gene and Judy Durso, founders of the original Wachusett Run. They are off pursuing their retirement dream in Texas. However, they were certainly with us in spirit as we embarked on the annual ramble around the Wachusett region countryside the Dursos first started in the early 2000s.

Twenty-four intrepid souls set off from Westminster in fifteen cars representing the 60s through the 90s. This included Dan's old friend, Bob Sisson, and his wife, Mell. Co-workers for many years, Bob and Dan learned that they were both Alfisti because of AONE's spectacular calendar hung at Dan's desk. The Sissons recently reacquired a Spider and happily joined us for the first half our tour. We welcome them to our fellowship and hope to see more of them!

While the Wachusett Run is old, we still look for fresh roads that highlight the many reasons we love living in Central Mass. This year's tour gave us a new vista of Mount Wachusett, beautiful ponds and pastures, and just a hint of foliage. A little over an hour into our tour, we turned into Hardwick Winery. Though we have stopped here enroute before, this year the Winery had a surprise for us. The doors to the tasting room, a converted barn, were thrown wide open as we drove through the building, past the bar and the retail displays, for a unique photo op.

After a brief rest, we were back on the road headed toward Ware. Nope, wait! Sharp left turn (late signal from the lead navigator ... not the first time), and we were heading back across Hardwick, taking the shortest path to Route 32A, which happens to bring us past some nice farms and vistas. A quick jaunt led us past "bustling" downtown Gilbertville and through a little-known covered bridge (the only in Central Mass to our knowledge). Up and over Ragged Hill Orchard (with wonderful cider) and Oakhurst Farm (recently converted to a Brewery with great pumpkin porter), we arrived safely and happily at the Publick House, where Jay's wife Suzanne joined us for a lovely, leisurely lunch.

It was wonderful to see so many old friends and to make some new ones. We hope everyone enjoyed the day as much as we did. We look forward to seeing you all again soon!Tiny Quadrifoglio

2021 Wachusett Tour Participants

Peter Walker & Meg Anderson - 1977 Spider 
Jay Woodruff - 1986 spider
Scott Weiner - 1982 Spider 
George Chris - 1971 Spider 
Mark Patterson - 1971 Berlina
John & Roberta Rowntree - 1987 Spider 2
Fred Frey - 1973 Junior Zagato 1600
Tom Freiberger - 1968 GT Jr.
Larry LoPresti & Michelle Dextraze - 1977 Spider
John & Lauren DeWaele - 1972 GTV
Dan & Deb Donovan - 1988 Spider
Glenn & Lauren Randall - 1969 Duetto
Steve & Nancy Perry - 1969 GTV
Mike & Diane McGeough - 1967 Duetto
Bob & Mell Sisson - 1991 Spider

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