Lime Rock Historics

From our friend Tim Beeble of Fiat Club America comes this information about this year's Lime Rock Historic Festival:

39th Annual Historic Festival
at Lime Rock Park in Lakeville, CT

September 2 - 6

Ever since 1994, Fiat Club America has coordinated the Italian Car Corral at Lime Rock Park's Historic Festival over every Labor Day Weekend. We have always invited the Alfa Romeo Owners Club members and other Italian car owners to participate. On Sunday, September 5th, there will be a Gathering of the Marques all around the track. There is no extra fee — just buy a general admission ticket. On Monday, September 6th, we will hold the Italian Car Corral.

Fiat Club America and Alfa Romeo Owners Club members and guests can enjoy a private discount code for general admission tickets to Historic Festival 39, Thursday, September 2 – Monday, September 6, featuring five days of activities:

• Thursday, Sept. 2 - Vintage Race Car & Street Car Parade ending at the Falls Village Street Fair. Owners of sports cars from 1974 and earlier may apply to the track to participate in the Parade, which is a fundraiser.

• Sunday, Sept. 5 - Sunday in the Park - Concours d'Elegance & Gathering of the Marques

• Monday, Sept. 6 - A second full day of 18 races for the vintage racing entries.

Fiat and Italian car club members can use the code FIAT21 when purchasing their general admission tickets online at or by phone at 860-435-5000 to receive a 20% discount on the following General Admission tickets for Historic Festival 39:

• Saturday - General Admission (normally $55 in advance, now $44 with this offer)

• Sunday - General Admission (ticket required if not an accepted entrant in the Concours, normally $25 advance, now $20)

• Monday - General Admission (normally $55 in advance, now $44 with this offer)

• Weekend - General Admission (normally $125 in advance, now $100 with this offer)


• Valid only for Fiat and Italian car club members and their guests – please do not share this on social media

• Tickets must be purchased in advance (by 11:59 p.m. on 8/29/21) for this to be valid

• Spectate by day with General Admission tickets (your Sunday or Weekend admission ticket also allows you to park your automobile in the Gathering of the Marques on Sunday)

• Participate as an entrant in the Concours d'Elegance by filling out an application which is available from the Track.

• Participate in an upgraded experience while at the track:
   - Join the VIP Fan Hospitality tent on either race day (Saturday or Monday)
   - Park in the Italian Car Corral by purchasing an Italian Car Corral parking pass for Monday)

We welcome you, the enthusiasts from Fiat and Italian marques, to take over Historic Festival 39. See you at the track!Tiny Quadrifoglio


Lime Rock Historics