Alfas & OJ & Ocean

Alfas & OJ & Ocean
AONE Club Gathering

By Tom Ducibella
Photos by Tom, Angela Nannini, and Jim Miga

On a bright, sunny, comfortable-temperature August 1st Sunday morning (eat your heart out, Tutto), a pod of Alfas showed up at Tom's and Angela's place for OJ and Ocean (the latter down the street). Convertible tops were ALL down and the "oldies" showed up (referring to the Alfa year of production, of course). The only relatively new one was in the garage. So, it was a wonderful case of déjà vu (are the 4Cs and new Giulias waiting for Tutto?).

The fun part was the continuing conversation, as groups formed and reformed over several hours. GTV engine compartments (Greg Stidsen and Tony Antoniou) seemed to be a hot topic (even hotter than the V6 twin turbo in the garage, even with its hood up). Richard Askin's Giulia Nuova Super 1600 was a unique and special addition, reminding us of the unexpected body style that took Italy (and elsewhere) by storm. Spiders ranged from Jim Miga's 1967 Duetto to later ones from John & Roberta Roundtree, Robert Rook, and Mike Healey. Lou Sirianni's 164S must have been parked on the street for early departure, as the driveway is only one lane wide.

Maine and New Hampshire showed up, while some Massachusetts folks must have been sleeping in or reading the Sunday paper. But, with the ongoing pandemic, a dozen was about the right number (masks were worn in the garage, while outside, as they say in Italian ... "dipende"; after all, there was OJ to drink).

While the delta bug keeps up our guard, may I suggest more small outdoor gatherings in parking lots at ice cream places, coffee shops, or town parks? With a high level of vaccination in MA and adaptation of public health/CDC advisories, we can carefully proceed to keep AONE Alfisti motors & mojo on the move.Tiny Quadrifoglio


Lou Sirianni - '91 164S
Richard Askin - '77 Giulia Nuova Super
George Fleming - '76 Spider
Tony Antoniou - '74 GTV
John & Roberta Rowntree - '87 Spider
Jim Miga - '67 Duetto
Robert Rook - '74 Spider
Greg Stidsen - '74 GTV
Michael Healey - '91 Spider
Tom & Angela - '69 Spider, '18 Giulia Quad


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Alfas & OJ & Ocean