Peter Walker

I have been a member of AROC and the owner of a California 1977 Spider since 1991, a member of AONE since 1997, an AONE director since 2001, and AONE treasurer since 2010. Before moving back to the east coast and joining AONE, I was a member of the Minnesota, Western Michigan, and Detroit chapters of AROC. My return to Massachusetts in 1997 coincided with the rejuvenation of AONE under the current chapter administration. The chapter's success since then has been one of the great benefits of living again in New England. In my years as a director I have helped to organize a number of events. The best known of these are the annual autumn AONE driving tours in the Berkshires, where I used to live (and enjoy some wonderful sports car roads) and (with the help of Dave Pratt and Phil Bostwick) our winter auto-related film get-togethers. If re-elected (and even if not), I would continue to help organize these and other events and generally do all I can to help our club continue to thrive.

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