Tom Lesko

As club President over the past number of years, I have endeavored to maintain and grow a healthy club with the involvement of members and directors alike. Our events have been interesting, varied and well-attended. Some of my tasks as President have included:

  • Coordination with National AROC on all matters relating to club activities and legalities

  • Maintain tax exempt incorporation status, forms, etc. for AONE

  • Submit yearly State incorporation related documents, updates & fees

  • Initialize and submit insurance requests for all AONE events

  • Plan, coordinate & MC the Winter Pot-luck party, obtain door prizes, prepare slide show

  • Plan, coordinate and run the South Shore Beach and Waterfront Tour, prepare maps, luncheon

  • Tutto Italiano: Store, deliver and setup/teardown AONE tents & banners, & "preside" over the tables

  • Plan, coordinate & MC the Holiday party, caterers, venue, etc.

  • Store, categorize, loan out club tools and loaner items

  • Maintain club records

  • Generally oversee the activities of the club

I will entertain all suggestions from club members and try to improve the involvement of all associated with the Alfa Owners of New England. For the record, I have been an Alfa owner since 1970 when I bought my first ’65 Giulia Spider Veloce, of which I now own three. I have been an AONE member since the 1980s and a member of other Alfa clubs since the 1970s. I have been a Director of AONE for many of my membership years, organized many club events, dealt with National AROC issues & legalities, and as President I will continue to do the things that have made our club one of the best in the country.

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