Potpourri 3

Here's another collection of miscellaneous Alfa-centric online offerings. They're snippets on various topics that members have been contributing recently — if you have other items to share, please send them along to

Fran O'Connor came across a marvelous short video about an Alfa TZ2 once owned by departed AONE member George Fogg. Fran says, "I remember this car from the old days, and had met George several times. That car was stunning! Just a blast form the past."

Here's a video about the advent of the Alfa GTV that's quite amusing in the first half and quite informative in the second! Thanks to Greg Stidsen for sending in this one.


And here's a 17-minute video called "The Alfa Romeo GTV is the most Alfa Alfa that ever Alfa'd" from Hagerty's excellent "Buyers Guide" series. It's presented by Hagerty Editor Sam Smith, who refreshingly really knows his Alfa stuff! Thanks again to Greg Stidsen. (Disclaimer: Greg is a GTV owner.)


Here is a rhapsodic half-hour video singing the praises of the Alfa Romeo Busso V6 engine. It's part of an "Iconic Engines" series and is chock full of information, history, and charm. Also contributed by Greg Stidsen. (Disclaimer: Greg is also a Busso Alfa owner.)


Videos of celebrities and Alfa Romeos Part 1: Jay Leno and Billy Crystal go for a cruise In Muhammad Ali's Spider.


Videos of celebrities and Alfa Romeos Part 2: These guys bought this 1986 Alfa Romeo Spider from ex-Formula 1 driver Eddie Irvine Jr. Thanks to Jim Miga for the celebrities and Alfa Romeos videos.


Finally, also in from Jim: This is from an actual 1967 publication by Alfa Romeo, showing an example of how to properly fill out a warranty claim. Check out the name and address.


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