Movie Screening

By Dave Pratt
iPhone Photos by John Rowntree and Dave

Twenty-five fearless Alfisti braved the microbes for our first-of-the-year Movie and a Pizza Night on Saturday, March 7th. Although our usual hugs and handshakes were replaced by fist- and elbow-bumps, our spirits were, if anything, higher than usual! (Which is saying a lot.)

Our intrepid movie- and pizza-lovers arrived in a flurry around 5 pm. We again popped up some Newman's Own popcorn to munch on and sipped on our various beverages of choice while we waited for the pizza to arrive. At least two people brought Corona beer (something they wouldn't normally do). The pizza delivery guy brought the eight large pizzas up from the street (our "parking lot" was full) and into our Purell-coated hands, and we immediately dug into the offerings of Pizzeria Alto Strada (a.k.a. Dedham's High Street Pizza) plus the salad that Vi had put together for us.

Once that "task" was accomplished, we migrated into the living room, which had (just barely) gotten sufficiently dark and where the club's big-screen multi-channel A/V system was set up. Thanks to a few folding chairs brought along by the Donovans, seating became a non-issue!

Since many of our members had already seen the popular Ford v Ferrari movie, we'd decided to present an excellent film that tells it like it really was. Shelby American - The Carroll Shelby Story is a recent release that was produced by Adam Carolla's company, Chassy Media, the people who brought us three other films that we'd really enjoyed on previous Movie Nights (The 24 Hour War, A Sicilian Dream, and Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman). Despite being nearly two hours long (we took a break half way through to let people stretch their legs, run down the hall, and refill their glasses and popcorn boxes), everyone enjoyed it a whole lot. It's a wonderful complement to the Ford v Ferrari movie, which is also a wonderful film, albeit a story as opposed to the fact-laden documentary that our offering was.

When the lights came up at the end, we made our way back to the kitchen for coffee and dessert. Several folks brought some really fine sweet things to share — thank you! After being respectfully quiet during the movie (well, except for the occasional snide comment and resulting mirth), we resumed our boisterous banter.

After reflecting on the movie we'd just watched and enjoying the several confections, we returned to the "theater" to watch a varied assortment of clips from movies, TV shows, and advertisements in which Alfa Romeos made appearances. (Alas, Alfas didn't get much exposure in our main feature.) These are a lot of fun — if you have suggestions for video files or links to clips on the internet, please pass them along ( and I'll assemble another batch for next time.

Many thanks to everyone who joined us! Hope you can make it to the next Movie and Pizza Night in the fall!Tiny Quadrifoglio

Movie and Pizza Night Attendees
Frank Anigbo
John & Ki Basel
Dan & Deb Donovan
Tom Ducibella and Angela Nannini
Gene & Judy Durso
Dominic & Nicole Ferrari
John Howard
Giorgio Kradjian
Andy Kress
Tom Letourneau & Roberta Oakley
Mike & Diane McGeough
Jim Miga
Fran O'Connor
Dave & Vi Pratt
John & Roberta Rowntree
Jim Scutti


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