Lawn Party

By George Dolak
Photos by Jay Woodruff, John Rowntree, and others

When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for Alfisti to escape the isolation of COVID confinement and assume a means of safely congregating with other aficionados. We, the people, hold this truth to be self-evident, so in our pursuit of Happiness we did thus assemble in Brentwood, New Hampshire, for the AONE Lawn Party on Saturday, July 25th.

More than thirty cars and nearly fifty people enjoyed the fete on a sultry summer afternoon. By all accounts, it was a rousing success, with participants arriving from all parts of New England in a variety of Alfa Romeo models spanning more than sixty years of production.

Other vehicles included a beautifully restored 1954 example of the first production front wheel drive car, a Citroen CV11. As well, there was a Tesla X which wowed the crowd with its "Holiday" programming package.

A special thank you and welcome to new AONE members Mario and Lianne Ouellet (pictured right) who permitted the use of their property.

My cordial thanks to all who attended, and if you missed it — enjoy the pictures!Tiny Quadrifoglio


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Lawn Party