Movie Screening

By Dave Pratt

We chalked up another AONE Movie and a Pizza Night on Saturday, November 16th, and another fun evening it was! Although there were a couple of no-shows (par for the course), we had a houseful of movie and/or pizza fans in attendance for the festivities.

The aroma of popping popcorn greeted people as they began arriving a little before 5 pm, and before long the joint was jumpin'. We munched on the fluffed-up kernels and sipped on our various beverages of choice while we waited for the pizza to show up. Right on time, nine large assorted pizzas arrived from Pizzeria Alto Strada (a.k.a. Dedham's High Street Pizza), and we hustled them inside to be devoured, along with some veggies & dip brought by John & Ki and the salad that Vi had assembled.

Once we'd all gotten our fill (and then some), we shuffled over into the living room, where the club's big-screen multi-channel A/V system was set up. Soon, the lights went down and the film began to roll. (Well, okay, the video file began to stream.)

Our main feature for the night, A Sicilian Dream, is a film about the history of the Targa Florio, the Sicilian mountain road race that gave birth 113 years ago (!) to an era of motorsport that is still going today. It was an interesting and entertaining mix of history, personalities, vintage photos, and re-enactments of the racing, with stunning views of the beautiful Sicilian scenery. The film was enjoyed by everyone!

As the lights came up, we drifted back to the kitchen for coffee and dessert. Several folks contributed a wonderful assortment of cookies and brownies to top off our tummies — thank you for bringing them!

After chatting about the movie we'd just watched and downing a few confections, we returned to the "theater" to do some more watching and listening. First up was a very cool video called Weekend of Champs, which was about a race weekend at Lime Rock starring AONE member Roger Cassin and Team Cassin member Paul Wilson. It was professionally produced by Paul Emile Cendron and was very entertaining, from every angle. Roger and Paul were both here with us for Movie Night, and Roger chatted about the video with our crowd before and after running it.

This was followed by a few more après-café videos, all Targa Florio-oriented. These included a short documentary on the history of the race, a shorter one narrated by Targa Florio winner Vic Elford, and a couple of dizzying modern-day in-car videos made driving the Targa Florio route, one in a GTAM. Oh, and a modern Stelvio ad that was filmed in Sicily.

If you have suggestions for movies we could present at a future Movie Night, and/or short video files or links to clips on the internet that we could use for our "short subjects" segment, please pass them along ( and I'll assemble a batch for next time.

Thanks once again to everyone who came! Hope you can make it to the next Movie and a Pizza Night sometime early next year.Tiny Quadrifoglio

Movie and a Pizza Night Attendees
John & Ki Basel
Gene Durso
Tom Ducibella & Angela Nannini
Roger Cassin
Paul Wilson
Harv Forden & Suzanne Graul
Tom Freiberger
Mike & Diane McGeough
Jim Miga
Fran O'Connor
John & Roberta Rowntree plus daughter Jenny and friend Chris
Doug Sondak
Greg & Andrea Stidsen
Bruce Murray
Peter Walker & Meg Anderson
Dan & Deb Donovan
Dave & Vi Pratt

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