Westport Wanderings

Several years ago, Lauren and I drove this exact tour with the British Motorcars of N.E. group. About a third of the way into the drive, we knew the Alfa gang would love this tour! Judging from all the smiles at our final stop, Gray's Ice Cream, I would say the tour was a success. Or maybe those smiles were from the tasty ice cream — I say both!

After meeting at the McDonald's parking lot (A+ for the cranberry muffins!), 16 cars of various models took off fo Sakonnet Point. This 30-mile jaunt took us by spectacular properties as well as brilliant scenery! It always amazes me how people with many, many acres of property can keep them so pristine; I struggle with less than an acre! I guess one can get good help these days!

As we made our way to the Westport River Winery, the scenery did not disappoint. Certainly, the spectacular weather helped! At the winery, several folks enjoyed a wine tasting while others tried the food truck. During our relaxing stop, we all enjoyed the snacks provided by Lauren and Roberta. Thank you, ladies!

Note to those with locking fuel caps and in need of fuel: Always carry your fuel cap key. (No names will be revealed at this time.)

Then off to Buzzards Bay Brewery! The brewery setting was breathtaking (see photos) — several barns set in the middle of beautiful fields. Some of us sampled the food truck as others brought a picnic lunch. It seems the beer was quite tasty (can you believe I couldn't get a bottle of Bud Lite?). If you live somewhat in the vicinity, check out the brewery's website. It seems that they have quite a few events during the season.

A short sprint to Gray's Ice Cream wrapped up the day. This shop is open every day of the year! Ya gotta have great ice cream to pull that off!

Lauren and I tossed around a couple of variations on this tour for another run, incorporating Horse Neck Beach and a bit more of Tiverton. A few people commented on the five locations and the multiple opportunities we had to talk with each other. Deb Donovan described our stops as a "progressive lunch". I like that! Also, this area is prime for a tour at any time of the year — except for those Alfa hibernation months. Stay tuned!

Thanks to BMCNE and Rick Crosby for laying out this tour and sharing the route. Also, thanks to Tom Letourneau for running the route last week, and as always Tom Lesko for the behind the scenes insurance stuff.Tiny Quadrifoglio

2019 Westport Wanderings Participants

Fran O'Connor – 4C Coupe
Gene Durso – 4C Spider
Tom Letourneau with Justin Moreau – '87 Spider
Dan & Deb Donovan – '88 Spider
Peter Walker & Meg Anderson – '77 Spider
Don Chisholm – '67 Duetto
James & Patti DeWaele – '73 GTV
Bob Rupp & Barbara Smith – '84 Spider
John & Roberta Rowntree – '87 Spider
Robert Rook – '74 Spider
Steve & Nancy Perry – '78 Spider
Gary & Susan Hoyt – '69 Giulia Super
Chris Lareau & Jacqueline Buco – '18 Giulia Quad
Fred Dalrymple – '69 Spider
John & Lauren DeWaele – '72 GTV
Dave and Vivian Pratt – '17 Giulia Ti Q4
Kevin & Diane Murphy – Lesser Car

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Mac Attack

Sakonett River Stop

Westport River Winery

Buzzards Bay Brewing

Gray's Ice Cream

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Westport Wanderings