Wachusett Tour

Our route this year started and finished at the 1761 Old Mill Restaurant. While we ran some familiar roads, we added a few new twists and turns, as well as reversed our direction, giving us a fresh perspective.

The day greeted us with a crisp, clear fall morning (despite not quite as much foliage as we would have hoped for in early October). We began with the usual greetings including talking amongst friends, coffee, munchkins, and biscotti, along with fresh apples donated by Glenn & Lauren Randall from their tree. A possible record turnout for this tour — 24 cars with 35 Alfisti — set out on our 68-mile route traversing the Wachusett region.

The somewhat-annual picture spot in Petersham center did not disappoint. This was followed by a new route into Hubbardston center and an uphill romp into rural New Braintree center, offering us a new perspective on the region before leading us back to the more familiar areas of Paxton, Holden, and Princeton.

A couple of challenges along the way were quickly managed: A heater hose leak on the Randalls' '69 Spider was repaired in record time (nice work, John D!); and a group separated from the tour due to traffic lights & "muggles" went off course, but they quickly re-navigated and rejoined the group in no time.

All together again at the Old Mill, we were happily greeted with sticky buns and corn fritters in a second-floor private room. We enjoyed lunch and each other's company as we swapped stories and planned our next adventure.Tiny Quadrifoglio

2019 Wachusett Tour Participants

John & Roberta Rowntree - 1987 Spider
Gene & Judy Durso - 2017 Giulia Quad
Steve & Ellen Silverstein - 1967 Duetto
Sam Ogle - 1967 Duetto
Robert Rook & Adrian Sipos - 1974 Spider
Doug Sondak
 - 1969 Spider
Gino Evangelista – 2018 Stelvio
Anthony Cocuzzo - 1990 Spider
Paul Ripley 
- 1987 Graduate
John Feng - 1974 GTV
John, Elizabeth & Joan Nicosia - 2018 Giulia
John Nicosia - 2017 Giulia Ti
Tom Ducibella & Angela Nannini – 2018 Giulia Quad
Dan & Deb Donovan - 1988 Spider
Greg & Andrea Stidsen - 1973 GTV
George Chris - 1971 Spider
Chris Lareau & Jackie Bico - 2018 Giulia
John & Lauren DeWaele - 1972 GTV
Steve Perry - 1978 Spider
Dave & Vivian Pratt - 2017 Giulia Ti Q4
Glenn & Lauren Randall - 1969 Spider
Derek Whitaker - 2018 Stelvio
Peter Walker - 2005 Porsche Boxster
Tom Letourneau -

In The Beginning

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The End Game

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