Thompson Festival

The Thompson Vintage Festival proved to be an enjoyable three days at the track. For the first time, I was able to attend all three days of the event. It was wonderful to have and see so many Alfas at the track this year — particularly my favorite Alfa, the Monza 8C, driven by Peter Greenfield. Always wonderful to see such a valuable car being driven to its limits by an exceptionally talented driver like Peter.

The first two days were a mix of rain and clouds, but many of the Alfas still made it out onto the track. We had beautiful weather on Saturday for the Alfa Car Corral. There was a smaller turnout for the Corral this year, but everyone had a great time watching great racing and sharing good conversation.

On Saturday morning, Paul Glynn missed the first race due to an incident that occurred on the track the day before. Will Herman and Paul Glynn had a bit of a problem when Paul lost the back end of his Giulietta under the bridge. Paul did a great job of trying to control the car, as did Will, who came oh-so-close to avoiding contact. Thank God there was a hole big enough for the 8C to pass through untouched. The powers that be in the VRG and VSCCA organizations convened and finally decided to let Paul race again on Saturday. That was great news, and Paul immediately went out and took first place in the next race. He put on a great show his final race against the number seven Lotus 15. For several laps, Paul shared first place with Dudley Cunningham in the much more powerful car. In the end, Paul finished in second place by a small margin. It was a very exciting race. 

It was also fun to watch the talent of our good friend Roger Cassin, who did a great job taking second place in his "lesser car", the Swift DB2. I wish he had brought his Alfa Giulietta so he could have raced against Paul. Roger commented to me that he enjoys driving the Alfa in the rain, since he is more comfortable with it in the wet.

The Alfa corral group had the opportunity to run a few parade laps again this year. I believe that everyone enjoyed the laps. We also had a new member join the Alfa team — my dog, Lexi, attended in the back seat of the Giulia. Initially frightened by the loud noise, she calmed down rather quickly and enjoyed meeting all the other members of the Alfa club.Tiny Quadrifoglio

[Hats off to Gene and the other AONErs who did another fine job organizing the Alfa Car Corral!]

Alfa Car Corral

A walk around the Car Corral

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Thompson Festival