South Shore Tour

By Tom Lesko
Photos by Adrien Sipos and John Rowntree

The day started with coolish weather and a just a very few sprinkles but that did not deter hearty Alfa people with spiders ... top down, of course! The weather improved some as the day went by. Tom arrived early and met 24 members and family with coffee, muffins and conversation as they arrived. Later, he passed out the "custom" route maps and explained the tour, which started with a loop around Hingham harbor. At the first stop sign, two Stelvios passed by, one in each direction. I believe those Stelvios winked and smiled ;-) as their owners waved to their elder (Tom's '65 Giulia Spider Veloce) as they went by.

The tour went well, but because of the large number of cars, we were split up after touring Nantasket beach, Hull and Spinnaker Island. All was well, though, as members found their way to the "photo op stop" at Minot lighthouse beach, where we spent a few minutes chatting and taking in the spectacular view. We then traced our route back through Scituate, Cohasset harbor and "Little Harbor", and finally back to Hull for lunch at Jake's Seafood Restaurant.

Plenty of great food and beverages were enjoyed over conversation and we all vowed to see each other at the next AONE event!Tiny Quadrifoglio

2019 South Shore Tour

Tom Lesko - 1965 Spider Veloce ("Grumpy")
Dan Rivera 
- 1986 Spider Quad
John & Roberta Rowntree
- 1987 Spider
Robert Rook & Adrian Sipos 
- 2017 Giulia Q4
Alfonso Cautillo & spouse 
- 1983 Spider
Frank Anigbo & son Axel 
- 1969 GTV 1750
Rick & Linda Lesniewicz 
- 1972 Super ("Zippy")
Ferdinando & Antoinette Pellegrino
 - 2018 Giulia Q4
Fred Dalrimple
 - 1969 Spider
Doug Sondak & Michelle P.
 - 1969 Spider
Fran O'Conner & Julianne E. 
- 1973 Alfetta Sedan
Mike & B. Hollinger
- 2000 Honda S2000 
Peter Walker & Meg Anderson
 - 1977 Spider
Glenn & Lauren Randall 
- 1969 Spider

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South Shore Tour