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Ferrari - Race to Immortality

Preview by Bruce Murray

Enzo Ferrari was a towering individual in motor racing from the 1920s until his death in 1988. He was the patriarch of the only team that has competed in every Grand Prix season after WWII up to the present day.

Ferrari, as the owner of the team, selected, controlled, and motivated his drivers to achieve the highest level of success. Then, as now, to drive for Ferrari was the goal of almost all drivers.

The 1950s decade was the most dangerous in motor racing. Rather than being technical, this film explores the complex relationship between Ferrari and his drivers for the seasons 1955-1958. It also describes the relationships between the drivers themselves and the women in their lives.

The principal drivers profiled are Mike Hawthorn and Peter Collins, and, even though they are well known to motor racing enthusiasts (at least of a certain age!), the film does bring some interesting new aspects to their stories. The widow of Peter Collins describes their time together in some detail and gives a good sense of the atmosphere at that time. Other drivers who are featured include Castelloti, Musso, and De Portago, whose fatal crash in the 1957 Mille Miglia led to the end of that series of races.

The racing footage shows how primitive the circuit protection then was, both for drivers and spectators. This, coupled with the lack of safety in the cars, contributed to the 1950s being the most deadly decade. 

In all, this is a film about personal relationships in a highly charged, competitive, and dangerous field.Tiny Quadrifoglio

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