Scavenger Hunt

Shortest Distance Scavenger Hunt

Saturday, October 19th
9:00 AM

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Map & Directions

And now for something completely different! Tom "Let's-Tour-Now" will be staging a Shortest Distance Scavenger Hunt rallye in conjuction with the Rhode Island Fruit Growers Association on Saturday, October 19th.

We will be visiting 10-12 of the participating farms. At each one, you'll obtain the item you are scavenging for (no purchases are required). You must drive to each of our designated farms in the shortest distance possible using ONLY old-fashioned official State of RI Road Maps, which will be provided. Rulers, a compass, pencils, slide rules, tape measures, or similar devices are allowed, as are your intuition and wild-ass guesses. The use of any form of GPS or electronic mapping assistance is strictly prohibited. This event is per the Honor System!

We will meet at one of the participating farms, Phantom Farms, located at 2920 Diamond Hill Road (Route 114) in Cumberland, RI (see map button above). It's very easy to get to, being a short distance off of Interstates 495, 95, & 295 and RI Route 146. It has nice seating (large deck, cozy inside) and has coffee, juices, and all kinds of pastry, muffins, bagels, scones, etc. Plan to arrrive around 9AM or before in order to take advantage of their offerings. First car off on the hunt/rallye at 9:30!

The event will end at another DeWaele estate, this time in Hope, RI, for a cookout at the home of John & Lauren DeWaele. Hope is a picturesque little village in Scituate, RI.

More details to follow!Tiny Quadrifoglio


Scavenger Hunt