March Madness

By George Dolak (and contributors)
Photos by Adrien Sipos and John Rowntree

No April fools. The day dawned with promise, the temperature was rising, and there was reason to believe the faithful would not suffer disappointment. The first AONE sortie of the season was about to depart from downtown Beverly on a brief ramble around Cape Ann. 

Sixteen souls in nine vehicles were rewarded with pleasant Spring weather as they gathered at a familiar coffee depot. No April fools were these, just Alfisti who were ready to say goodbye to Winter and welcome in the driving season. At the scheduled departure time, a short description of the drive was given and then they were off!

Rather than recounting each detail of the day, enjoy the photos and allow me to share some of the recollections of those who participated, in their own words:

"Today I attended the first North Shore ride of the season. I had three generations of Alfisti (including myself) in the GTV-6. It is always thrilling to be part of such a close knit group. Familiar faces and cars are what make the AONE a great experience." — Paul, Tommaso, and Arlo Lanzafame 

"We enjoyed seeing the coast line and Hammond Castle in the northern part of the state".  — Tom & Liane Brooks

"We both enjoyed the leisurely pace with the opportunity to walk around and fit in some bird watching.  It was great to pull out the car for a ride so early in the year." — John & Roberta Rowntree

"A top-down driving tour in 60-degree weather around Cape Ann on the last weekend of March; now there's a cure for the long-winter blues!" — Peter Walker

"We enjoyed driving the March Madness tour along the north shore. It was well balanced between driving our beloved Alfa's and enjoying the mini-excursions of interesting venues along the scenic route" — Robert Rook & Adrien Sipos

"This AONE divertimento (Italian meaning= fun) reminded me of club tours of yesteryear: wonderful combination of serpentine roads, manageable size convoy, SUV absence, 40 mph coastal roads, almost all Alfas, unusual and interesting diversion stops, top notch lunch spot al mare, and congenial colleagues; AONE tour adviser rating: cinque stelle." — Tom Ducibella

Mission Participants
Tom & Liane Brooks
George Dolak
Tom Ducibella
Paul, Tommaso, and Arlo Lanzafame (3 generations)
Aaron Reibstein
John & Roberta Rowntree
Robert Rook & Adrien Sipos
Greg & Andrea Stidsen
Peter Walker & Meg Anderson


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March Madness