Movie Screening

By Dave Pratt
Photos by John Rowntree

A baker's two dozen movie buffs came out for AONE's first Movie and a Pizza Party of the year on Saturday, March 3rd. Although there was a rip-snorter of a storm that came through the day before (and even into the day of), it caused not a single cancellation, such is the intrepidness of our clan! Many of the 26 attendees did arrive bearing tales of lost power and lost limbs (tree limbs, that is), but our group fortunately fared well.

People arrived via the kitchen entrance, since the others were partially obscured by the "theatre" setup, and we hung out there for a while, sipping wine, homebrew, and other beverages, and munching on popcorn (our staple Newman's Own brand, in honor of The Racing Life of Paul Newman movie we watched at a previous movie party). Then the pizza arrived right on schedule and we dug into that (everyone enjoys the offerings of Pizzeria Alto Strada (a.k.a. Dedham's High Street Pizza), plus the salad that Vi had assembled (served with Newman's Own dressing, of course).

The pizza depleted, we beckoned everyone into the living room, which had become dark enough and where the club's big-screen multi-channel A/V system was set up. Our main feature for the night, Senna, was thoroughly appreciated by all. It was easy to see why it won so many awards — the film did such an excellent job telling the story of the phenomenal life of legendary Brazilian motor-racing champion, Ayrton Senna. It included enormous amounts of footage from every phase of his life, including his early go-kart racing days, interviews, private moments, and of course his monumental accomplishments on the race track.

After the movie wound down, we moseyed back to the kitchen for coffee and dessert. Many thanks to Sue & George Younger for making and bringing the delicious apple treats! After milling around for a while and rehashing the movie we'd just seen, some folks left but most of us resumed our seats to watch an eclectic set of clips from movies, TV shows, and advertisements in which Alfa Romeos made appearances. Some were rather off-the-wall and, while I expected people to drift off toward home during the hour and a half they took to run, almost all stayed to the end! The "Alfa Shorts" appeared to be popular, so if you have suggestions for more, in the form of video files or links to clips on the internet, please pass them along ( and I'll assemble another batch for next time!

When we ran out of Alfa Shorts, we raised the lights, chatted some more, and finally said our farewells. With the lengthening days rendering the glass-walled theater more useless, the next Movie Night probably won't be until late autumn sometime. See you then, and at our driving season events!Tiny Quadrifoglio

Pizza and a Movie Night Attendees
Peter Walker & Meg Anderson
Tom Ducibella & Angela Nannini
Bruce & Jane Murray
Jim Miga
John & Ki Basel
Doug Sondak
John & Roberta Rowntree
Mike & Diane McGeough
Dan & Deb Donovan
Gene & Judy Durso
Greg & Andrea Stidsen
John Feng
George & Sue Younger
Mark O'Connor
Dave & Vi Pratt


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The morning after. This is for those of you who were wondering what the facility looks like when not pressed into use as a screening room and pizza parlor:

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Movie Screening