Tutto Italiano

Another year and another great Tutto Italiano event at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum! Though the weather was hot and humid, it did not deter Italian car aficionados, and the crowds and cars were plentiful. These included many new Alfas and some very special (of course, all Alfas are very special ;-) cars from AONE member Ven Fonte, two of which were shipped to the Mille Miglia and ran the event in Italy a couple of years ago.

I arrived early and set up the AONE canopies, banners, and my chairs in a nice, shady spot so members could get out of the sun and have a place to talk about all sorts of things Alfa. As usual, I borrowed several tables from the museum before anyone else could snag them. I spent most of the day hanging around the "tent", which allowed me to greet new members, existing members, and those just interested in the marque.

Tom Lesko looking cool in his Giulia "Alf" ... in 1970!

Since I had Grumpy parked next to the canopies, I had a chance to see just how many folks love the vintage Alfas. Upon seeing a family with three children looking him over, I asked if the children (two boys and a girl) wanted to sit in the driver's seat. All three did in turn and had nice smiles on their faces, especially when I showed them how to hang their left arms on the door to look "cool"! They loved it! Then I asked if the parents wanted to sit in the drivers seat; they did, and had great smiles as well!

This was fun, and so will the next event be! Hope to see you there! Ciao a Tutti!Tiny Quadrifoglio

A walk-through of the Alfa Romeo section at Tutto Italiano, taken by John Rowntree with his Go-Pro mounted on a selfie stick. Gives a good flavor of what it was like to be there!

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Alfa Romeos on Display

Lesser(?) Cars on Display

The Crowd


Tutto Italiano