South Shore Tour

By Tom Lesko
Photos by Adrien Sipos and John Rowntree

12 for 12! Another glorious day for Tom Lesko's 12th annual South Shore Beach and Waterfront tour! 16 of us met at Hingham Harbor, enjoyed conversation, scenery and Alfa talk. We began the tour around 10:40, after a short driver's meeting, passing out the now semi-famous large, color tour map that I revise every year, and going over the route and a couple of detours. We toured around Hingham Harbor, and then on to Nantasket beach, up to the top of the Hull Cemetery road for a nearly 360º view from Boston to Scituate — spectacular! A quick trip out and back on the Spinnaker Island bridge gave us a nice "from the water" perspective of the harbor.

One of the bridges in Cohasset is in the process of being replaced, so our tour took the road around the perimeter of Cohasset "little harbor" and then on to the fantastic views of ocean, waterfront, and glorious rock outcroppings adorned by fabulous residences of the Cohasset "gold coast".

The stop at the Minot lighthouse overlook was spectacular and many passersby rubber-necked our cars and commented on how great they all looked. The return trip to Nantasket and Jake's Seafood Restaurant was a bit more spirited than the slow, wonderful, sight-seeing drive out to Minot. A great meal and conversation at Jake's, and we bid a fond farewell to each other vowing to return next year and hoping to see one and all at the next AONE event. See you there!Tiny Quadrifoglio

2018 South Shore Tour

Bob Rupp & Barbara Smith - 1984 Spider
Doug Sondak & Michelle P. - 1969 Spider
John & Roberta Rowntree - 1987 Spider
Aaron Reibstein - 1967 Spider
Robert Rook & Adrien Sipos - 2017 Giulia
Steve & Nancy Perry - 1978 Spider
Gene Durso - 2016 4C
Greg Stidsen - 1974 GTV
Peter Walker & Meg Anderson - Lesser Car
Tomasso Lesconi
- 1965 Giulia Spider Veloce ("Grumpy")

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The driver's meeting (you may find this video a little ... tedious)

Driving through Nantasket Beach (this one may make you carsick!)

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South Shore Tour