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Saturday, May 5th

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Dust off your Alfas, check the gas and oil, check the tires, and join us for our first tour of the season — the annual South Shore Beach and Waterfront Tour on Saturday, May 5th!

President Tom Lesko will have the Alfa Romeo banner up, with coffee and munchies on the trunk of "Grumpy" (his '65 Spider Veloce), and will be waiting for you'all to arrive at 9:30 AM. Just pull into the large parking lot on Hingham Harbor, Route 3A just past the "Soldiers and Sailors Victory Sculpture" (a man on a horse on a grassy knoll). While waiting for all of the Alfas to arrive, we'll partake in the Hingham beach and waterfront scene, where there will be good conversation and "Alfa talk" at the ready.

FYI, it is the first day of the Hingham Farmers Market located at the "parking lot with the traffic light", so we will be in the lot just before that one.

When we start the caravan at 10:30 AM, we will proceed from the Hingham beaches to the Crow Point waterfront and yacht club and on to Nantasket beach. There, we stop for a short "pause for the cause" and to view the waterfront and beach scene (crowds should be less at this time of year, we hope). We will stop at the "summit" of the Hull cemetery for a 350º panorama of Hingham, Hull, and Boston harbors, and then onward to "Hull Gut" and our turn-around. Backtracking, we'll take a short side trip out to Spinnaker Island in Hingham Bay to see the (little) remains of the early 20th century "Fort Duvall" coastal artillery placement of two 16" guns strategically located to protect the coast. The guns are long gone and condominium units are now placed on the fort's foundations, but it is a cool drive there. Next, on to Cohasset's "gold coast" (terrific views, homes, and roads), Cohasset Harbor, and Back Harbor, and then to the Minot Beach overlook and the historic Minot lighthouse, our usual fantastic photo-op location lining up our Alfas with the ocean as the backdrop.

I will provide color maps with stopping points along the way in case we get separated, because it has been a bit tricky keeping all the cars together at times in the past.

As we did last year, we will return to Nantasket beach and Jake's Seafood Restaurant via the fantastic roads, harbors, and scenes through Scituate and Cohasset. There, we'll have a leisurely lunch and great conversation. Jake's has everything from burgers to fabulous seafood, and is reasonably priced and casual. After lunch, we will work our way back to Hingham harbor where we started. Those who need to leave earlier can take a shorter route back to the expressway.

Okay, that's all you really need to know for now, but check back prior to the tour, as well as your email inboxes as the date gets closer, for any changes or updates. If you're planning to join in, please contact Tom Lesko (email and phone buttons above) so that he can give the restaurant a head count!

RPMs up, and let's go enjoy our cars along the waterfront!

 — Tom Lesko

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Directions (see button above)

If you use your GPS or phone it will take you through Quincy Center, which may be a bit shorter but will take longer and you will have Quincy traffic and stop lights. So, for a better route from the north or south, take Route 3 to Exit 14, the "Hingham/Rockland" exit. If you are coming from the north, go left from the off-ramp; if coming from the south, go right from the off-ramp. This puts you onto Route 228 north — follow it for 4.5 miles.

Just after you see "Arnold Road" on the right, Route 228 takes a hard right; instead, get into the left lane and bear slightly left onto Central Street. Follow Central for about a mile (through one stop sign, one blinking red light, and the next stop sign is North Street (Square Cafe on the right). Take a right and follow North Street until it ends at a stop light (about 1/2 mile, Rt. 3A). Go left at the light, and after about 50 yards, just past "Red Eye Coffee Roasters" (great coffee!) you will see the parking lot with Tom, the banner and Grumpy. See you there!


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