Winter Potluck

By Tom Lesko
Photos by Adrien Sipos and John Rowntree

Our 2018 "Winter Potluck Banquet Party" (a.k.a. the "Pothole Potluck") is in the books and, by all accounts, it was a resounding success. The weather was great for mid-February, much better than in December for the Holiday Party — we didn't slip and slide on the way home this time! Things started off "officially" at 4:00 but some came early and displayed parts on the swap-meet table and floor. Lots of talk about "What is that?" and "Does it fit my car?" and even some buying and swapping — kinda fun from my perspective, old-time Alfa club stuff — no eBay!

The crowd of over 30 people enjoyed plenty of terrific food — appetizers from shrimp to antipasto, main courses, and wonderful desserts, with coffee and tea to boot. During the evening, I ran a show of images and videos from my trip to the Alfa Museum in Arese, outside of Milan. Later, we showed some racing videos of member Roger Cassin (who was present this evening) in his '56 Spider, which included dueling with Paul Glynn and others. Great stuff!

The ever-popular door prizes were plentiful — so much so that a suggestion came forth, at the end of the number-calling, to auction off the remaining goodies, so we did! Aided by the auctioneering skills of Meg Anderson (see the video below), we managed to auction off most of the excess goods and the profits went into the Treasury, collected by Peter Walker, our Treasurer. Was actually great fun.

As for the door prizes themselves, a few of our valued Alfa parts vendors made some nice contributions. There was also a very sizable anonymous donation that was used to purchase even more Alfa-related goodies. There were different Alfa Romeo hats, various tools, T-shirts, shift knobs, serpent hood decals, patches, pens, key fobs, books, oil filters, shop rags, tote bags, DVDs, license plate frames, badges — something for everybody and then some! Special thanks go out to Centerline International — please show your appreciation by patronizing their business!

Our next event will be the movie and pizza night at Dave & Vi Pratt's in Dedham on March 3rd. Hope to see you there!Tiny Quadrifoglio

[This evening, we were graced by the presence of no less than three AONE Tom Ls — Tom Lesko, Tom Letourneau, and Tom Larson. What are the odds? Wish we'd gotten a photo. —Ed.]

Meg Anderson stuns the crowd with her heretofore undiscovered auctioneering talents


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Winter Potluck