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Saturday, July 21st

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Ahhhhh, beautiful Par-ee!
The sights, the sounds, the exquisite culinary offerings ......

Oh, wait, not that Paris — AONE is driving to another Paris. Paris Hill, Maine, to be exact, for a special visit to the Bob Bahre car collection and the Founder's Day festivities there.

The collection highlights American classics such as Duesenberg, V-16 Cadillac, Stutz, Graham-Paige, Packard, and Auburn 12. Plus foreign classics such as Delahaye, Isotta Fraschini, Hispano-Suiza, Mercedes-Benz, and Alfa Romeo. And an eclectic grouping of brass-era cars (including two electric cars), a Tucker, a Harley-Davidson, and later-model sports cars. Along with the vehicles, there are an antique doll and toy collection, horse-drawn carriages, player piano, old phonographs, table-top instruments, and a jukebox. This link gives some idea of the magnitude of motoring marvels to be seen. If motoring marvels are not your thing, there are numerous interests and activities at the craft fair on the adjacent town green.

Founder's Day festivities include music, entertainment, and a crafts fair. This charity event is scheduled for Saturday, July 21, from 9 am to 5 pm on the Paris Hill Green, rain or shine. Donations for admission to The Bahre Collection are $10 for adults and $2 for children 12 and under. All proceeds from admissions will support the Hamlin Memorial Library and Museum.

AONE Director George Dolak will be heading Down East at 9 AM on Saturday, July 21, from the Maine State Visitor Center in Kittery, Maine. Click the button above for a map and directions. Located between the Northbound lanes of I-95 and Route 1, and accessible from both, it's a great rendezvous point for an exciting day. With travel time just under two hours of highway driving combined with July heat and humidity, I'll be using my air conditioned daily driver rather than a proper Alfa Romeo; you might consider this option.

George is arranging this event and needs some idea of the number who will be participating. Please reply directly to: or 603-475-7889.Tiny Quadrifoglio

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Drive to Paris