Holiday Party

Forty-five hearty party-goers attended our annual Holiday Party on Saturday, December 8th, at the warm, cozy Josiah Smith "Tavern Barn", as it is historically called on the plaque. Inside, there is a photo of the barn when it was actually a carriage barn, with big doors where the front windows now are, similar to the image above from the Weston Historical Society. Josiah Smith constructed the tavern in 1757.

President Tom Lesko arrived early in the afternoon to set up the tables, hang the AONE banners, and put up the screen for the visual "Year in Review" slide show that he prepared, giving a nice overview of the year's activities, and a great year it was! Dave Pratt again furnished the images, culled from the many photos supplied by Adrian Sipos and others throughout the year. We will meet there again for our winter Potluck Party in February but that may be the last time. Hopefully, our parties there won't be a thing of the past, since the venue is once again slated for redevelopment ... we'll see.

We had Tastings Caterers do the heavy lifting with food, table setups, festive centerpieces and all, while we were able to just enjoy the company of fellow AONErs. Tastings' staff wandered through the crowd, serving hors d'oeuvres, while a stationary table was set up with a variety of appetizers. When the time came, we were summoned to the large serving table set up by the front window (nee horse and carriage entrance) for a variety of dinner options, which we enjoyed with the year's event activities showing on the screen. Again this year, the food was delicious and the serving staff gracious and capable.

While we enjoyed desserts and coffee, Tom started the annual "Yankee Swap", which is always a hit with the group. Many of the surprise gifts were Alfa-related and we all enjoyed the swapping, all in good fun! Slowly, the group disbanded, hopefully with the joy of the season and the thrill of our Alfas in their hearts. See you in February, unless, of course, we get a New England January thaw and schedule an impromptu event then. Happy Holidays to all ...

2018 Holiday Party Revelers
Gene & Judy Durso
Peter Walker & Meg Anderson
John, Roberta, & Jennie Rowntree
George Dolak
Jim & Patti DeWaele
Tom Ducibella & Angela Nannini
Roberto Rosa
John & Lauren DeWaele
Tom Lesko
Greg & Andrea Stidsen
Dan & Deb Donovan
John & Ki Basel
Robert Rook and Adrien Sipos
Bruce & Jane Murray
Steve Bellantone and Guest
George & Sue Younger
Fran O'Connor & Julianne
jonathan kirshtein & Paula Brait
Steve & Ellen Silverstein
Phil Kotsios
Andy Kress
Michael & Debra Leccese
Glenn & Lauren Randall
Roger & Karen Carlson
Dave & Vi Pratt

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Yankee Swap


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Holiday Party