2017 Events

Feb 18

AONE Winter Potluck Dinner Party

Mar 4

AONE Pizza and a Movie Night - The 24 Hour War

Apr 22

Karting Day with AROC-CT

Apr 29

Giulia Launch Event in Portland, ME

Apr 30

Cars & Coffee at Lombardo Motorcars

May 6

AONE South Shore Beach & Waterfront Tour

May 7

Ferrari of New England Open House - Alfas invited!

May 13

Cars & Coffee at Glynn Motorsports

May 13

Lux et Veritas Tour in CT

Jun 24

Thompson Vintage Festival

Jun 10

Chatham Airport Day - Alfas invited!

Jul 13-16

AROC-ARCC International Convention in Montreal

Aug 6

Tutto Italiano

Aug 31 - Sep 4

Lime Rock Historic Festival

Sep ???

AONE Indian Summer Sortie

Oct ???

AONE Wachusett Region Tour

Oct 8

Italian Car Fest in Portland, ME

Oct 14

Tutto Italiano Lite

Oct ???

AONE Cape Crusade

Nov 18

AONE Pizza and a Movie Night

Dec 16

AONE Holiday Party

The symbol denotes AONE-sponsored events; other events of interest are also shown.

2017 Events