Wachusett Run

What's old is new as we navigated a "retro" version of the Wachusett Run last taken in 2011.

A total of 19 cars (even if 2 were "lesser") and 33 Alfisti representing all 6 New England states contributed to a fantastic turnout for the annual Wachusett Region Road Tour. Despite the earlier date this year, we still were met with the persistent Wachusett fog upon arrival. But it had burned off as we left the summit, and we enjoyed lovely views as we drove down the mountain. 

Our Mission:  Circumnavigate the Wachusett mountain.

We motored through the countryside, enjoying some nice southeastern vistas through Princeton and Holden, before turning onto the newly designated and newly paved Route 122 Scenic Byway through Paxton and Barre, and before turning off for a nice stopover at Petersham town common. The colonial era homes and picturesque white steepled churches made for a beautiful backdrop for those snapping photos. (I'm guessing we'll see more than one nice shot for this year's calendar contest).

The second leg of our journey brought us along the north side of the mountain through Hubbardston and Westminster. While there was little hint of fall color in the trees this mid-September day, we did see a bit of "blue" when passing through several of these otherwise sleepy New England towns.

Our tour lunch spot was the historic Old Mill Restaurant, built in 1761. The romantic beauty of the building and the clamor of the the millpond ducks greeted our entrance. Service, food, and camaraderie were all in top form (as were the sticky buns and corn fritters with maple syrup).

All in all, a lovely day. Hope to see you next month at the "other" mountain (Greylock) and by the sea at the Cape!Tiny Quadrifoglio

Wachusett Run Participants

Dan & Deb Donovan - 1988 Spider
Gene & Judy Durso - 1974 Spider
Peter Walker & Meg Anderson - 1977 Spider
Steve & Nancy Perry - 1978 Spider
Phillip Bostwick - 1972 GTV 2000
Jay Woodruff - 1986 Spider
Jim & Patti DeWaele - 1973 GTV
Roberta & John Rowntree - 1987 Spider
Tom Freiberger - 1968 GT Jr
Bob Rupp & Barbara Smith - 1984 Spider
Larry LoPresti & Michelle Dextraze - 1978 Spider
Rod Burdick - 1963 Giulia Spider
John & Lauren DeWaele - 1974 Spider
Ted Keon & Paul Rosenberg - 1974 GTV
Roger & Karen Carlson - 1959 Touring Alfa
Giorgio Kradjian - 1975 Giulia Super Nuova
Mary & John McGrath - 1987 Spider
Chris Packard & Annie Hayes - Lesser Car (VW)
Dave & Vi Pratt - Lesser Car (Porsche)

[Hats off again to the Donovans and Dursos! Planning, route, restaurant, and weather all get an A+! Lots of people contributed photos this time, so take your time and enjoy. —Ed.]

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Wachusett Run