South Shore Tour

By Tom Lesko
Photos by Larry LoPresti and Tom

NINE FOR NINE! Continuing the streak this year, we are now nine for nine with this year's South Shore Beach and Waterfront Tour in the books! The tour started on a slightly different note this year ... the Hingham Beach parking lot where we normally meet was not available ... it still had SNOW piled on it! Along with the debris and dirt the plows churned up, it was not worthy of an Alfa meet so we met at the adjacent public lot, where the boat landing is located.

After a short meet and greet, coffee and munchkins, I handed out (larger this year) color maps with the day's route indicated in light Alfa red. Our tour  included a swing around Crow Point and the Hingham Yacht Club and then on to Nantasket Beach for an ocean view and "pause for the cause" at the local Dunkin Donuts. From there, a short drive to the summit of the Hull cemetery for a nearly 360º view of  the beaches, islands and bays of the South Shore, fantastic! Continuing on to the end of the Hull peninsula and "Hull Gut" we took a short side trip out to Spinnaker Island in Hingham Bay to see the remains of the early 20th century "Fort Duvall" coast artillery placement of two 16" guns strategically placed to protect the coast. The guns are long gone and condominium units placed on the fort's foundations. Our Alfa convoy was spotted by a fellow Alfa owner who followed us and took some photos as we entered and exited the island and gave us a thumbs up and a hearty wave as we passed by.

From there we headed to the "gold coast" of Cohasset where the ocean views and beautiful homes were in their usual visual splendor. The Minot Lighthouse overview was our next stop after a nice twisty roadway that allowed us to exercise our engines a bit. Slightly different from previous years, we did not go to Scituate Harbor due to a very bad roadway that was waiting to be repaved; also, our usual restaurant was overwhelmed with graduation and other parties. Instead, we went to Jake's Seafood Restaurant at Steamboat Wharf in Nantasket for a wonderful lunch and conversation. Two Alfa owners spotted our cars in the parking lot and introduced themselves and showered us with complements.

In previous years, I have led the tour through the historic Hingham Cemetery where the first settlers of Hingham from the early 1600's reside and past the Old Ship Meetinghouse, the oldest continually operating meetinghouse/church in the US. This year, after lunch, I arranged for a special tour of the meetinghouse interior. We were met in the parking lot area by one of the members who took us inside and gave us a long talk about the building and its history, which we all enjoyed immensely.

After the building tour, we reconvened in the parking area and one by one we headed home. All seemed to have a great day of Alfa driving fun and sightseeing the beautiful beaches and waterfront areas of the South Shore.Tiny Quadrifoglio

2015 South Shore Tour

Tom Lesko - '65 Giulia Spider Veloce
Richard Moulds & son Felix - '83 RHD GTV-6
Garry Prime
- 1957 Giulietta Spider
Rod Burdick - '65 Giulia Sprint Speciale
Doug Sondak - '69 Spider
Bob Rupp & Barbara Smith - '84 Spider
Peter Walker - '77 Spider
Larry LoPresti & Michelle Dextraze - '77 Spider

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South Shore Tour