Rogues Island Ramble

Saturday, May 9th

Sign-up deadline is 4PM Thursday, May 7th

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It's almost that time of year to get the cobwebs out, clear the brainwaves, and get thinking about how to be more competitive at, and maybe even win, one of AONE's notorious 'Gimmick' rallyes. Even more important, I want to make sure that AONE members will be highly competitive come this year's 'Rogues Island'-based AROC National Convention, when AROC members from around the country will not have a 'New England Snowball's Chance in Hell' of competing against AONE's very experienced, highly trained, and astute members in so far as their successfully winning in these kinds of events

With this thought in mind I have put together another one of my 'World Famous Gimmick Rallies' in order to, again, get the brainwaves and thought processes of our membership back into working gear.

This 'Gimmick' rallye, to be known as "The 2nd and absolutely, positively, very last, ever, Rogues Island Ramble", will be held on Saturday, May 9th (rain date May 16th), and will launch from the Diamond Hill Park parking lot, on Diamond Hill Road (Route 114) in Cumberland, RI (click the Map & Directions button above). And while the website above still calls it a 'State Park' … it ain't! We, the residents of Cumberland, now own it.

Please arrive as close to 9:00AM as possible for the Drivers Meeting and coffee & donuts. First car off will be at 9:30AM and cars will be spaced in 1-minute intervals. There will be opportunities to make visits to two different locations along the way, one on each leg. The first is Cumberland's famous Phantom Farms. This stop will also serve as the half-way point of the Rallye, allowing for a quick visit and helping the local economy by buying some of their excellent products (baked goods, especially their pies).

Zeroing our odometers, we will then begin leg #2, again spaced at 1-minute intervals. There will be a short stop at the famous and beautiful Mt. St. Mary's Abbey on Arnold Street in Franklin, where you can find some of the finest candy products and jams anywhere. I also thought that stopping there would be a good idea as we could ask the good Sisters to say a prayer on behalf of the many AONE members who will competing in the National Convention Rallies. ;-)

The entire route (both legs combined) will be approximately 50 miles in length and will cover a good portion of Cumberland, Rogues Island, moving over into parts of Franklin, Wrentham, North Attleboro, and Plainville, MA, where we will see some beautiful farmland and horse farms. Some sections of the route were previously used in 'Rogues Island Ramble #1', which ended at the 'world famous' Cumberland House of Pizza on Mendon Road in Cumberland. I decided on ending this event there, as many members were complementary about this facility, their menu, the pricing and the service. Plus, I like to see money being spent here in my hometown. We have a slogan around here called: "Keep the Green ($$$$) in the Valley" (the Blackstone Valley being this part of Rogues Island).

As is always the case with all of my 'Rallies', there will be real 'Custom Made' trophies' for 1st-, 2nd-, and 3rd-Place winners (see the photo below). The event will not have any questions that will require the use of smart phones, iPads, etc. GPS devices will be allowed, as we do not want anyone whocan't read overly simplistic destructions to get lost.

The only rule of any consequence for this event will be that there will be a timeframe to complete each leg, and there will be absolutely NO BACKTRACKING to find an answer. At the posted speeds you will driving at for this event, if you are paying close attention, and have by now learned how my sick mind works, you will have no problem finding the answers to the event's questions!

Lastly, as is always the case, there will be no entry fee for the event, but it is requested that all of those who do intend to come on the 'National Convention Rallye Tune-Up' event to please let me know via email at if you will be attending, and how many. Sign-up deadline is 4PM Thursday, May 7th!Tiny Quadrifoglio

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The 2015 Rogues Island Ramble trophies — you could win one!


Rogues Island Ramble