Spring Kickoff

By Dave Pratt

It was a record-smashing event! While in theory it may be Spring, this year's Winter-to-end-all-Winters simply refused to release us from its ruthless, frigid clutches, and it snowed on our March 28th Spring Kickoff! There wasn't a single Alfa Romeo in the parking lot, and that set an all-time record for an AONE event! And, because of that and the temperature hovering around freezing, the much-anticipated, pre- and post-luncheon, traditional Spring Kickoff outdoors bench-racing and tire-kicking just didn't happen.

But indoors was another matter. We were greeted by AONE member Roberto Rosa and his wife Maria Iriti plus the chef and a couple of assistants at the wonderful Spiga Ristorante Italiano in Needham, MA. These fine people graciously consented to go ahead with the feast despite the modest turnout, and they have our sincere gratitude. Why not return the favor (and do one for yourself) by dropping by for lunch or dinner sometime soon?

After shedding our Winter coats, we sought some Winter warmers in the form of wine, beer, and coffee, and spent some time gabbing (mostly commiserating about the Winter). Our hosts soon provided us with some excellent antipasto and bread to tide us over to the main course. Which arrived to our great enjoyment — penne pasta in marinara sauce, a succulent Italian roasted pork belly, grilled marinated asparagus, and Italian roasted potatoes. Everything was most delicious, as you can tell from our intent dining expressions in the photos!

After dinner, President Tom Lesko chaired the "meeting" part of "luncheon/meeting", but kept it brief (as all "meetings" should be). We discussed some of the more near-term events on our 2015 schedule, which is rapidly getting fleshed out (click here for a quick view of our 2015 calendar). These included our May South Shore Beach & Waterfront Tour and June "G is for Georgetown" Tour, as well as the AROC National Convention in Rhode Island in June.

Then it was back to business. In other words, it was time for dessert. Everyone recalled with fondness Spiga's signature Italian bread pudding from our previous gatherings there, and they graced us with it again! When you visit, make sure to give it a try — it's to die for.

The "meeting" was adjourned around 2 PM and we put our coats, hats, and gloves back on to go out and brave the Spring. Once again, we thank Roberto, Maria, Chef Robert DiSimeone, and his staff for persevering with us, as well as Tom Lesko for making all the arrangements. Hopefully, the next time we're together it will be Spring!Tiny Quadrifoglio

Winter Kick-in-the-Butt Luncheon Attendees

Tom Lesko
Roberto Rosa & Maria Iriti
John & Lauren DeWaele
Jim & Patti DeWaele
Gene Durso
Dan Donovan
Pater Walker & Meg Anderson
John Basel
George Dolak
Tom Freiberger
Dave & Vi Pratt

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