Georgetown Tour

By George Dolak
hotos by Lou D'Amore's Camera

G is for ...

Great weather, Great participants, Great tour!

On Saturday, June 6th, five Alfa Spiders assembled in Georgetown, MA, for a few hours of driving and enjoyment in ideal weather over New England lanes and byways. But wait — there were six cars confirmed on the roster! Oh, well — we'll wait a few more minutes, but we're all itching to start the tour. Another sip of coffee, another look over the cars in attendance, tops dropped and drivers into position ... and we were off!

A quick exit from "downtown" Georgetown saw us traveling to Groveland and then West Newbury before crossing the Merrimack River into Haverhill. A sharp right turn and we were out of Haverhill and into Merrimac. There, we enjoyed a drive along the river before heading across town (or should I say, country?). We drove upward from the river valley, ascending for a hilltop view of New Hampshire woodlands, just across the state border. A quick left turn, another right, and we were climbing once again to a peak, and then a rapid roller-coaster ride downward. A novel "blind-transit" was then in store as we sounded our hooters and passed thru a one car-width tunnel beneath an old railway. A short drive later and we were again following the river's edge, moving through Amesbury, crossing bridges and islands before landing on the edge of Newburyport.

A pleasant surprise was then realized while waiting for one-way travel through some road destruction: Who should be passing in the opposite direction but our missing sixth participant! Cheers were voiced as he reversed direction and joined us for our stop at Maudslay State Park. Amid the open expanses, we relaxed while enjoying refreshments and chatting with visitors, always curious about our Assembly of Arachnids. While the weather was ideal and the conversation convivial, there was more driving ahead so we again mounted our trusted transports and headed out another country lane.

From Maudslay we returned briefly to West Newbury only to cross another scenic bridge back to Newburyport. A lovely drive along the Artichoke Reservoir and, after a turn or two, we found ourselves in Newbury and soon crossing the Parker River. Away from the river and then we were back in school, passing The Milestone at The Governor's Academy. A turn or two more and we were crossing Rowley, steeped in history and ... something else, as we noticed when we passed through a working dairy farm.

No worries, though — fresher air was abundant on the rural lanes we were transiting. We next enjoyed a less-traveled lane that allowed us to drive our Alfas as they were designed to be driven, working steering and gearboxes (and occasionally brakes!) in harmony with the curves and challenges of the road.

A rapid crossing of Boxford on tree-shaded roads led us to North Andover, where once again we passed a school, this one being the Brooks School on Lake Cochichewick. Little could now distract us from our scheduled luncheon plans, as the hour was now well past noon and anticipation of epicurean delights motivated us forward over the last few miles. We were soon returned to another corner of Haverhill, but this one supported Josephs Trattoria & Bakery. Here, all club members enjoyed refreshment and great dining while conversing with their fellow travelers about past and future Alfa experiences.

Eventually, goodbyes were made but with hopes of more Alfa adventures ahead for us this touring season.Tiny Quadrifoglio

Georgetown Tour Participants

Lou & Donna D'Amore
Peter Walker
Glenn & Barbara Michael
Stephen Perry
Jay Woodruff
George Dolak

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