Fall Finale Tour

By George Dolak
hotos by Peter Walker, John Feng, Jay Woodruff, and Greg Stidsen

Tour Day dawned bright and sunny, boding well for hopes of a top-down drive. With the past week of unseasonably comfortable weather in New England it was questionable as to how long it could last.

At the scheduled 8 AM departure time, the director arrived to greet five additional Alfas plus a vintage British marque thinly disguised in Alfa Argento paint. Greetings were exchanged and the tour commenced.

Dashing northward on I-95 a short distance, we exited onto local roads carefully chosen for their twists, challenges and scenery. In rapid progression we traveled through Georgetown, Rowley and Boxford. A glimpse of the Brooks School in North Andover was had before enjoying the peaceful vista of the placid waters of Lake Cochichewick.

A turn or two later and we were driving on I-495, linking us with the 213 "Loop". As our transit had been so seamless, a diversion in the planned route was now chosen ... made more imminent by that extra coffee consumed at the starting point. And so we came to arrive at the Atkinson Country Club for a brief (but comforting) pause.

Now traveling on New Hampshire byways, our trip resumed, enjoying the lightly populated roads as we proceeded from Atkinson through Hampstead, Sandown and Chester. We had a brief glimpse of what lay ahead when we breezed past Russ Mowry in his Elva Courier on a country lane.

With nary a delay we found ourselves at Historic Motor Sports in Candia, New Hampshire. Here we were welcomed by the owner, Bob Mitchell, and Clarke Taylor, the general manager of the business. Coffee and donuts were offered and enjoyed as we explored this top-drawer facility and marveled at the eclectic mix of marques in the building, nestled in climate controlled comfort for a long winter's rest.

It was here that we met long-time AONE member Jim Thompson and his newly restored, original owner, 1971 GTV. Jim couldn't join in our travels as he was lending a hand at the Coffee & Cars function. We also met John and Roberta Rowntree, who joined us for the final leg of the tour in their '87 Spider.

After a round of group photos that saw our unofficial photographer, Pierre Walker, perched at a second story window attempting to remove the screen while one hand held his camera, we returned to the roadways. From Candia through Deerfield, then Nottingham to Northwood, Barrington, Madbury and Dover, our convoy flew as did the autumn leaves behind our trusty Italian steeds.

Onward without pause, as appetites took control of the throttles, hastening toward a luncheon location that might satisfy our epicurean cravings with gastronomic gusto. Said destination was reached at the Cataqua Pub parking lot in Portsmouth, NH, where our tour ended. With one exception, the AONE members relaxed in a lounge setting to appease their appetites and relieve their thirsts. Stories were told and experiences exchanged as our group enjoyed a hearty repast.

Regrettably, goodbyes were exchanged as the group departed in various directions, all savoring their experience in the AONE Fall Finale.Tiny Quadrifoglio

Fall Finale Tour Participants

Tom Ducibella
John Feng
Paul & Cheryl Leone
John & Roberta Rowntree
Greg & Andrea Stidsen
Pierre Walker
Jay (Rock Star) Woodruff
George Dolak - AONE Director

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Fall Finale Tour