Dog Days Tour

Text and photos by George Dolak

On an idyllic August morn, five Alfas with eight Alfisti gathered in Methuen, MA, for a relaxing journey over lightly trafficked roads. High humidity was trumped by higher spirits as the faithful arrived and enjoyed beverages and conversations while admirers stopped to view our cars.

We were soon on our way, down city streets, seeking more enjoyable rural roads and less congestion. It didn't take long for the tour leader to take a wrong turn and lose the group ... but communication quickly resolved the problem and the group was again on its way.

Within minutes we were traveling New Hampshire's rural lanes and soon arriving at the plush Atkinson Country Club & Resort. A short stop in the comfortable resort surroundings was followed by a leisurely drive through the 420 acre landscaped parcel before returning to public roads.

Along tree shaded lanes the tour continued, traveling toward Haverhill, MA. We turned just short of the city and crossed busy Route 125 without difficulty. Escape from Saturday shopping traffic was quickly achieved and a smooth transit over hill and past dale saw us pause for a visit to the birthplace of John Greenleaf Whittier.

Our travels now took us to "where the buffalo roam". NOT the Wild West — in this case, a rural corner of Haverhill. Parking along the roadside, we photographed and enjoyed viewing America's largest mammal. Our stop with the llamas was less rewarding as they were resting in the shade of their barn, quite indifferent to those visitors foolish enough to be out in the hot sun!

Once more on our way, we crossed over the Merrimack River and traveled without pause to the center of Georgetown, MA. We neatly maneuvered through town and were soon on country roads again. From Georgetown to Boxford, thence Boxford to North Andover, we motored along and finally entered Haverhill again. There our tour ended, and it was just in time as hearty appetites had developed, soon to be sated with the wonderful cuisine of Joseph's Trattoria.Tiny Quadrifoglio

Dog Days Tour Participants

Karen & Roger Carlson - '59 Touring 2000 Spider
Tom Ducibella & Angela Nannini - '69 Spider Veloce
Gabriel & Scott Weiner - '83 Spider Graduate
Jay Woodruff - '86 Spider
George Dolak - '87 Spider Veloce

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Dog Days Tour