Cape Crusade

By Phil Bostwick
Photos by Peter Walker, Meg Anderson, and Frank Mello

Saturday, October 17, 2015 on Olde Cape Cod. Mother Nature arrived in all her fall splendor as sunny blue skies, light winds, a few white clouds and cool temperatures (in the high 60s) greeted a small but enthusiastic group of Cape Crusaders driving five shiny Alfa Romeo works of art and motion as they pulled into Patriot Square in Dennis for a meet and greet over Dunkin' Donuts coffee and goodies. One car from Providence, RI met up with the group later. The participants and their cars were:

Peter Walker and Meg Anderson - 1977 Spider
Rick and Linda Lesniewicz - 1969 GT Junior
Thomas and Liane Brooks - 1986 Spider
Frank Mello and Maureen Ryan
- 1969 1750 Spider
Richard Moulds and his young son, Felix - 1983 GTV6
Phil and Jean Ann Bostwick - 1972 GTV 2000

Following a close inspection of all cars by the proud owners the group attended a brief drivers' meeting to review their high-tech digital google maps showing a route that would wisely avoid the traffic headed for the annual Wellfleet Oyster Festival and utilize back roads to the maximum. The drivers were warned to keep a sharp eye out for the local constabulary and weaving cyclists. Then in a cacophony of lovely exhaust notes they were away at 10 a.m. sharp, headed north over Old Bass River Road to Route 6A, which winds through towns established ca. 1639. Thanks to the wisdom of the locals, Route 6A remains two lanes, eschews Starbucks and MacDonalds and preserves all of the beautiful New England churches, cemeteries, half-Capes, Captain's houses, art galleries, taverns and maple trees resplendent in their bright red, yellow and autumn colors. Pumpkins and Halloween dummies dotted the green lawns and gave the Crusaders a spectacular view during the best time of the year on the Cape as they drove through Dennis, Yarmouthport and Barnstable, pulling into Millway Marina for a photo op of the blue harbor dotted with white boats.

With the comfort stop behind them the Crusaders motored briskly on through West Barnstable and East Sandwich, arriving at Russell's Corner where they turned right into Town Neck Beach in Sandwich. Parking their mounts they walked over the rustic boardwalk and wooden bridge to view the Atlantic from the sands of Town Neck Beach. It was in this parking lot that Richard Moulds and his young son, Felix, joined the group, having driven from Providence, RI in their GTV 6 for the event. Felix was preparing for a soccer match later in the day so he decided to pass on the extra donuts he was offered.

From Town Neck Beach the Crusaders drove slowly through the town of Sandwich, one of the oldest and loveliest towns on the Cape, past the Heritage Plantation and the lakes to motor more rapidly down Route 130 to Farmersville Road, where they turned east for Cape Cod Airport, an old grass airfield that still features open cockpit biplane rides and skydiving. Past the airport they went east briefly on Route 28, turning north on Phinney's Lane to head towards Barnstable and Yarmouthport. At Strawberry Lane on Route 6A the Crusaders turned right to pass the Edward Gorey House and Museum (Gorey, a famous author and illustrator who did the pen and ink drawings that were the credits for PBS's Mystery Series, left New York for Cape Cod in the 80s and died there in 2000). The group traveled down the back roads of Yarmouthport and Dennis to pass over the Bass River in West Dennis, then headed north to take Great Western Road east to Harwich. In the town of Harwich they turned south on Bank Street to intersect Route 28 at beautiful Wychmere Harbor in Harwichport. A turn to the east put them in position to drive slowly through the Summer Homes of the One Percent in Saquatucket Bluffs that overlook Saquatucket Harbor, one of the loveliest boat harbors on Cape Cod. The drive ended at 1:45 p.m. at Brax Landing Restaurant in Harwichport . The restaurant there has a magnificent view of the boats in Saquatucket Harbor. A delicious lunch with a view followed.

AS the late afternoon sun sank in the west over Wychmere Harbor on a beautiful autumn afternoon the Crusaders said "ciao," fired up their Alfas and drove away, giving thanks to the weather gods for such a delightful day on Olde Cape Cod. Hope to see you next year.Tiny Quadrifoglio

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