Movie Screening

"The movie last night was better than in the theater."
— an enthusiastic member the next morning

Old venue, new venture! The first-ever AONE Movie Night on Saturday, March 1st, was a resounding success by every measure. We held it at our favorite haunt, the centrally located and comfortable Josiah Smith Tavern in Weston, MA.

But on this night, the Tavern became a Theatre for our screening of Rush, Ron Howard's highly-acclaimed film about the merciless 1970s rivalry between Formula One rivals James Hunt and Niki Lauda. A number of our roughly 35 attendees had already seen the film but came out anyway, in order to watch it again with their fellow Alfa friends. But we're getting a little ahead ...

A few of the folks arrived early to set up for the affair, which included the club's new audio/video equipment. This consisted of a modern video projector, 5.1-channel surround music system, blu-ray/DVD disk player with amplification, and 120" projection screen. Setup went well, although stretching the screen to fit its frame truly required a team effort. Once it was all set up, connected together, speakers strung, loose wires taped, and powered up, we breathed a sigh of relief when everything appeared to be working.

Michael and Debra Leccese indeed showed up to the event in their 1978 Niki Lauda edition Spider! As promised, they got to park right in front of the Tavern door — see the photos below. Not only that, they brought along an assortment of Lauda-related books, models, and other paraphernalia and set them out for display on a table near the entrance.

As the rest of the crowd began arriving around 6PM, event organizer Peter Walker ran out to fetch the pizzas he had ordered. When he returned with around a dozen boxes plus a pile of salad, we descended on it all with gusto and hauled it back to our tables, washing it down with the various forms of libation we had brought, with the "extras" on the Rush disk running in the background.

Then it was movie time! We pushed the tables back and rearranged the seating theatre-style, dimmed the lights, found the "Play" button, and let 'er rip. Peter Walker and Meg Anderson had brought popcorn for us to nibble on, even supplying proper theatre-style popcorn boxes. Ron Howard (a.k.a. Opie Taylor) did a first-rate job with the film, mixing tales of rivalry and romance with stunning Formula One racing footage. Everyone enjoyed the whole thing thoroughly, and at the end of the film the crowd even broke out in applause. Equally stunning was the way our new budget A/V system performed, providing big, bright, crisp images and full, deep, clear sound. See the quote at the top.

All in all, it was a great start to our AONE Movie Night series, which we hope to help the club make it through the winter months in the years ahead. Our thanks go to Peter for making it happen. Of course, now, he gets to do it again! Stay tuned — the next AONE Movie Night may be sooner than you expect!Tiny Quadrifoglio


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