Wachusett Run

Rain or Shine. (Whose idea was that, anyways?)

Well, we began the day with typical Wachusett fog, but this year added a slight drizzle. We decided to meet at the base of the mountain, given the weather and visibility conditions. However, one Alfa, a 164 driven by Frank La Sala, had already made it to the summit. Frank was successfully rescued and he joined up with the other Alfas, now totaling eight along with two lesser cars. A great turnout, given the circumstances!

The rain held off while the hardy Alfisti enjoyed their coffee and conversation. We set off into the morning mountain mist (a nicer description for fog and drizzle), with our directions and "Rolling Rallye" clues in hand.

As we left the mountain, the fog cleared. We motored through the countryside, enjoying the peak foliage and some nice twists and turns. The Rolling Rallye kept some of the participants busy as well, with some questions like "you can get it here instead of Vermont" (Massachusetts Maple Syrup) and "if you eat too many biscuits, you could wind up here" (Pillsbury Funeral Home).

After an enjoyable pit stop at the Hardwick Winery, we continued on for our final leg towards our lunch destination, E. B. Flatts in East Brookfield. We all had some laughs discussing the clues to the rally and catching up with friends over lunch. Congratulations to First Place winners Tom Letourneau and grandson Sam and second Place winners Peter Walker and Meg Anderson.

With only one Alfa needing encouragement (a push) to get started and the rain holding off to mostly an "autumn mist", a good time was had by all.Tiny Quadrifoglio

Wachusett Run Participants

Dan & Deb Donovan - 1988 Spider
Roger & Karen Carlson - 1974 Spider
 Mike & Cynthia Philipone - 1988 Spider
Giorgio Kradijian - 1971 Berlina 2000
Greg Stidsen - 1994 164Q
Gene & Judy Durso - 1972 GTV
Thom & Liane Brooks - 1986 Spider
Frank La Sala - 1994 164
Peter Walker & Meg Anderson - Lesser Car (MINI)
Tom Letourneau & Sam Turco - Lesser Car (Mercedes)

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Wachusett Run