South Shore Tour

By Tom Lesko
Photos by Peter Walker, Meg Anderson, and Jay Woodruff

This year's South Shore Beach and Waterfront Tour is "in the books" and it was a great day indeed. The weather was mostly warm and sunny and all the Spider tops were down! We gathered at the Hingham Bathing Beach parking lot, which we shared with the patrons of the Hingham Farmer's Market, many of whom came over to see the great display of Alfas. Many complementary comments were heard and, of course, the occasional "what kind of cars are these?". And then the "Oh, Alfa Romeos — very nice!!!"

My wife of 40 years, Kathi, picked up coffee and muffins and delivered them at 9:30, and we had time for some conversation and car stories before a brief driver's meeting at 10:00. This year, because of scheduling issues with the restaurant, we needed to push off early and split a couple of the sights to after the lunch, which went well. This year, I had a co-pilot — Tony Sigel, who is restoring a '58 Giulietta Spider that we hope to see at events in the near future!

We started from the parking lot in two rows of Alfas roaring down Rt. 3A toward Nantasket Beach, where we gathered to view the ocean / take photos and make our rest-room stop at the Dunkin Donuts across the street. From there, we drove through Hull Village, past the Hull Lifesaving Museum and Spinnaker Island to the top of "Telegraph Hill" in Hull Village, adjacent to Fort Revere Park, to take in a 360º view of Boston and Hingham harbors and the Nantasket/Minot Beach areas and lighthouses. Fantastic views!

After a few minutes of taking in the views and taking photos, we headed back through Hull Village and the Nantasket Beach waterfront to Jerusalem Road in Cohasset to drive the "Gold Coast" — a road like no other on the South Shore with fantastic views of the ocean and incredible houses, huge rock outcroppings, and manicured lawns. The road is a nice "twisty" but the views were so great, and a fund-raising run/walk for MS kept our speeds way down ... until we hit a couple of less-populated areas where many a rev was heard! "Grumpy," my '65 Spider Veloce, has a new 1" front sway bar and a straight pipe in place of the last resonator so I just had to "give 'er a go". That new sway bar makes a big difference in cornering and the straight pipe gives a nice complementary "note" to the induction sound of the dual Webers!

We then drove to the Minot Beach overlook, where we paused to sigh at the wonderful view of the beach, ocean, rock islands and Minot Lighthouse before we headed to Scituate for lunch overlooking Scituate Harbor and the fishing boats there. After lunch, some headed home and some followed me to see the "Lawson Tower," a unique wooden structure built in the early 20th century and modeled after towers at the Stahleck Castle on the Rhine River and the tower at Bad Ems in Germany. The tower was constructed to hide a water standpipe that the Lawsons did not want to look at.

From there we backtracked past Minot Beach and Cohasset's Gold Coast to visit the "Old Ship Meetinghouse" in Hingham, the "oldest continually operating meeting house / house of worship" in the United States, built in 1681. Behind the Old Ship, we drove through the Hingham Cemetery where the original settlers of Hingham, incorporated in1635, reside. A few members headed home while a few took me up on my invitation to see my new "single post, moveable garage lift" that I modified to be convertible to a "drive-on" lift.

Thanks to all who participated. Looking forward to our event at Glynn Motorsports and the continuation of a great Alfa driving year!Tiny Quadrifoglio

2014 South Shore Tour Participants

Tom Lesko - '65 Giulia Spider Veloce
Tony Sigel (new member, first event)
Rod Burdick - '63 Giulia Spider
Doug Sondak - '69 Spider
Bob Rupp & Barbara Smith - '84 Spider
Peter Walker & Meg Anderson - '77 Spider
Deb and Dan Donovan - '88 Spider
Richard Moulds & son Felix (new member, from England, first event) - '83 GTV-6 (just shipped from England and Right Hand Drive!)
Steve & Nancy Perry - '78 Spider
Scott Weiner & son Gabriel - '83 Spider
Michael & Cynthia Philipone (new members from NJ) - '88 Spider
Jay Woodruff - '86 Spider
Tom & Liane Brooks - '86 Spider

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