Winter Party

Text & photos by Dave Pratt

Another Party has come and gone! This time it was our annual AONE Winter Potluck Dinner Party that took place on February 8th. Unlike last year, which required a couple of foul-weather postponements, we snuck this one in right on schedule, between this winter's manifold snowstorms. Well over 40 of the Club Faithful gathered once again at the Josiah Smith Tavern in Weston, MA, for an evening of fun, food, and frivolity. And it seemed like we were a more boisterous bunch than usual!

We often get several members who travel respectable distances to attend our functions, coming up from Connecticut and Rhode Island and down from Vermont and New Hampshire. But this year's Farthest-Traveled Award (if we gave one) would go to Dan & Susan Nicholes, who make their home in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Great to see you again!

As people arrived, we all hung around for a while, chewed the fat, and sipped on the various libations we'd brought. Providing background was a free-running slide show of photos from last year’s AONE events, compiled by President Tom Lesko. Eventually, someone suggested that we should eat, so all the food came out. As usual, it was quite a fabulous feast! Several various types of pasta, salads, breads, calzones, and soups — a wonderful assortment. An equally diverse array of fine desserts followed afterward.

During the evening, Peter Bourassa of Motorsports Marketing Resources (MMR) passed around a "galley proof" copy of a forthcoming book on Alfa Romeo entitled View from the Mouth of the Dragon by S. Scott Callan of Velocity Group. After dinner, Peter gave us a quick briefing on how the book came about. Everyone who saw the proof agreed that it's going to be a stunning addition to any Alfista's library — click here to visit a web page that gives an excellent idea of its quality. Peter also contributed some MMR wine to the door prize table.

Then came the main event: AONE Director George Dolak graced us with a presentation showing pictures of and talking about his recent trip to South Africa where he and others did a "Mille Miglia" (thousand mile) tour ... in Alfa Giuliettas! The photos and videos of the cars, the roads, and the scenery were extraordinary, and everyone came away quite envious of George's experience. In case you missed it, you can click here to see the online version of Mille del Capo!

Finally came the door prizes. There were lots of goodies for everybody, some more Alfa-related than others. There were everything from Alfa Romeo clocks to tools to travel mugs to shift knobs to patches/pens/key fobs to oil filters. Special thanks go out to the following Alfa parts suppliers for their kind donations: International Auto Parts in VA, Jon Norman's Alfa Parts in CA, DiFatta Brothers in MD, and Trail Auto Alfa in MI. Other door prizes were either donated by club members or purchased by the club.

Like last year, once the door prizes were depleted, people didn't leave — the gang hung around much longer, finishing the wine, nibbling on a little more dessert, sipping some coffee. Eventually, though, everyone called it a night, and another great Potluck was history. Thanks to everyone who came, and thanks especially to Tom Lesko, who once again made all the arrangements!Tiny Quadrifoglio

P.S. It occurred to someone that ALL of the AONE officers were present, which created a photo op. In the final photo below are (L-R) Directors John DeWaele, Jim DeWaele, Tom Ducibella, & Vern Brown; Treasurer Peter Walker; President Tom Lesko; Directors Dan Donovan & Gene Durso; Webmaster Dave Pratt; and Director George Dolak.


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Winter Party