New Hampshire Drive

The time was 10 AM on a glorious Saturday morning. Five Alfa Romeos and a rather questionable Alfa-wagen were grouped in anticipation of an enjoyable drive on this first day of Summer. Their drivers and beautiful spouses were ready. Fresh coffee had been consumed, and the minutes ticked by as the question was repeated, "Where's George?".

Just then, the sound of another Alfa arriving introduced the AONE members to the newly-acquired '87 Spider Veloce of the tour director, fresh from an engine replacement. To say he had been cutting it a bit close would be an understatement, as the ignition key had been turned in earnest scarcely forty minutes earlier. Nevertheless, the Alfa performed flawlessly and the tour had officially begun.

A short hop on I-95 took us to Seabrook, NH, and then a relaxing drive on tree-canopied roads led us to the first stop, the Lindt Chocolate Outlet. There, all participants sampled tasty Lindt truffles and reviewed a multitude of flavors and shapes of chocolate offerings. Purchases of gifts and personal favorites were made, and then it was into your Alfa for a little more driving.

Navigating numerous rural roads at a leisurely pace led the group through farmland and forests, eventually reaching Northwood, NH, where a rest / fuel stop was made and a snack or two enjoyed by some. Suitably refreshed, the travelers drove toward Bow Lake, and then turned toward Strafford center. Some distance from Strafford, misfortune befell one of the cars, as fuel delivery problems removed it from our group and its day of driving ended with a long trip being towed home. An unfortunate experience for the driver and his wife as they missed the balance of the drive but I can report they arrived home safely.

Meanwhile ... the intrepid travelers had utilized the delay by sampling snacks and shopping at Calef's Country Store in Barrington, NH. Your narrator caught up with the group there and announced that the last leg of our journey, toward our dining location, was next. Little prodding was needed to load the vehicles and return to driving, as anticipation of a good meal was a powerful motivator.

A few more miles of scenic views and wooded lanes ... and there ahead appeared the waters of Great Bay. Across the Route 4 bridge, a turn to the right, and in a moment there we were — at Newick's Lobster House. A plethora of choices crowded the menu; naturally, seafood was foremost but something for any palate was available.

Our tour ended here, and with numerous thanks and well-wishes we all departed.

Looking forward to the next AONE event!Tiny Quadrifoglio

New Hampshire Turn-About Participants

Liane & Tom Brooks
Donna & Lou D'Amore
Paula & George Dolak
Angela Nannini & Tom Ducibella
Cynthia & Michael Philipone
Patricia Smith


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New Hampshire Drive