Maine Tour

By George Dolak
Photos by Lou D'Amore and George

On an idyllic day in August, twenty-four Alfisti in thirteen Alfa Romeos gathered to enjoy a convoluted crisscrossing of the New Hampshire - Maine border now known as the Barely in Maine Tour. While a head count of humans may come to twenty-three, one mustn't overlook the canine participant, Luccia - a bonafide Alfista right to the tip of her tail!

Beginning in Portsmouth, NH, the entourage traveled Northwest over the familiar Route 16, passing the final point of a former tour, Newick's Lobster House. Exiting the highway, it was now over back roads (and what sometimes seemed to be driveways), the brave drove on until just a stone's throw short of downtown Dover. There, a series of bridge crossings and quick turns bypassed the urban congestion and returned the tour to roads less traveled.

After a pleasant suburban transit, progress was interrupted by barricades informing the public that the road ahead was: CLOSED TO THRU TRAFFIC. Not so for the Alfisti — a swerve around the barrier and onward to the first bridge crossing of the border!

Now in Maine (but barely), the intrepid drove onward at a relaxed pace, enjoying the tree-shaded roadways while stirring their gearboxes and working their steering wheels. Soon, the congestion of South Berwick enveloped them; escape was but a sharp left turn, and then another crossing of the border saw them safely in Rollinsford, NH. A pleasant rest stop along the Salmon Falls River allowed an opportunity for a group photo and some close inspections of the Alfas.

Pics taken, it was back into the Alfas and onward with the tour. Another crossing of the border saw them in Maine, and then another returned them to New Hampshire. For those keeping score, there were no less than six crossings of the border. Zig-zag, criss-cross — ever nearing the first scheduled destination: the Stonewall Kitchen Warehouse Store. Here, the Alfisti were welcomed by the store manager, Laura, and then busied themselves by sampling the various sauces and toppings while others got right down to tax-free shopping! All manner of goodies were available for sampling — sweet jams and jellies, spicy chutneys and sauces ... but NO FINGERS — please use the crackers and pretzel sticks!

Once more, into the cockpits, the AONE members pressed on, quickly crossing the border and returning to Maine. For it was in Maine that they would ascend in altitude, directly driving those marvelous machines to new heights, specifically 692 feet above sea level. Traveling over secondary paths through Alpine woodlands, the band of intrepid travelers rose ever upward. Upon Mount Agamenticus, there was a chance to stretch one's legs and enjoy the views from the nearby Atlantic Ocean to the distant White Mountains of New Hampshire.

With the excellent weather, one might hunger for an extended visit at the mountaintop, but a more urgent hunger was prevailing upon the Alfisti as the hours were passing and it was well past the time for lunch. Downward and onward the group traveled, descending the mountain and progressing toward the final destination of the tour: the artisan bakery When Pigs Fly. It was here that the tour ended. Nearly all the group took the opportunity of the pizzeria next door to slake their thirsts and comfort their tummies with the delicious offerings available. Toasts were made and discussions ensued, as Alfisti are prone to when they get together.

Appetites appeased, farewells were heard as the faithful departed with keen anticipation of the next AONE event.Tiny Quadrifoglio

2014 Barely in Maine Tour Participants

'67 Duetto - Lou & Donna D'Amore
'87 Milano - Ian Anderson, Jackie Guido, Jason Guido, Bianca Guido
'88 Milano - Bill Anderson
'59 Touring Spider 2000 - Roger & Karen Carlson
'87 Spider - Sam Surprise & Luccia
'94 Spider - Craig Hess
'84 GTV6 - RJ & Lisa Horwitz
'74 Spider - Gene & Judy Durso
'88 Spider - Mike & Cynthia Phillipone
'69 Spider - Doug Sondak
'79 Alfetta GT - Ross & Max Kramer
'76 Alfetta - Rob & Jack O'Hara
'87 Spider - George Dolak

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