Holiday Party

Text and photos by Dave Pratt

Another boffo time was had by all at this year's AONE Holiday Party, held on December 20th at the Josiah Smith Tavern in Weston, MA. There'd been a little concern that, being so close to Christmas, the turnout might suffer due to other holiday commitments, but such was not the case. Well over forty people were on hand to enjoy the festivities!

The revelers started rolling in around 4 PM and the party was soon in full swig, errrr, full swing. We uncorked our holiday beverages and gathered in impromptu groups to regale each other with Alfa and non-Alfa chatter. Our most excellent caterer of these past several years (Tastings Caterers of Framingham) came around to us with various appetizers as well as providing a separate table with more pre-dinner goodies. It was hard to show restraint, knowing that dinner was still ahead.

To provide a backdrop to the frivolity, we had a slide show running with over 250 photos taken at AONE events throughout the year that's nearly behind us. This was accompanied by a swingin' set of holiday tunes playing softly in the background.

Then the main course was brought out — courses, to be more accurate. There were many various dishes to choose from, highlighted by their signature lobster ravioli and a meatloaf that far surpassed its pedestrian name, but all of the entrees were delicious. So we loaded our plates, took them back to our tables, and proceeded to dine with gusto.

Before too long, the chafing dishes were replaced with several trays of Tastings' memorable assorted desserts, and coffee and tea cups were filled. All of this was accompanied by much boisterous holiday cheer.

Afterward came the eagerly anticipated Yankee gift swap. There were many wonderful (and otherwise desirable) presents that got unwrapped — sports car books, car care tools and supplies, blankets, scarfs, wine, Alfa models, and of course a few bottles of limoncello, just to name a few. A lot of the gifts were so good that people elected to keep them rather than swap, but a number did change hands, and we noticed that a fair amount of bartering also took place after it was all over. Much fun!

When the AONE Holiday Songbook was passed around, a lot of our attendees headed for the exits (with good cause), but several stalwarts helped to butcher the Alfa-centric holiday tunes, which this year used the arrival of the Alfa Romeo 4C as a theme.

Gradually, the party broke up and everyone headed homeward, full of great food, bearing their swapped gifts, and bursting with holiday cheer. Our thanks go to President Tom Lesko for making all of the arrangements for this, our final 2014 event, and for not playing his holiday opera music.Tiny Quadrifoglio


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Holiday Party