Dan Donovan

While I have only been an Alfa owner for a few years, it seems like I have known many of the members for years and years. It has been very rewarding for me and my wife Deb to attend AONE events and share in both the camaraderie and Alfa technical events.

As far as qualifications, I bring enthusiasm, energy, and (along with Gene Durso) I have been a contributor to the annual Wachusett tour. I have contributed to having modified the tour and dining location many times. I certainly would take full responsibility for that event. I would also be willing to assist in other activities and events as needed.

I have been involved in the early organization of the 2015 convention and look forward to the 2015 convention.

While I recognize that AONE is a car club as opposed to a social club, I would be especially supportive of the events that involve spouses, as I have seen how these events seem to strengthen the membership and enjoyment of being an AONE member.

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