Senna's Start

The article below was discovered on a Brazilian website by AONE super-sleuth Jim Miga. It finally explains what we've all been wondering ever since the last AONE Movie and a Pizza Night: How could there possibly have been no Alfa Romeos involved in his success? The answer, of course, is that ... there were!Tiny Quadrifoglio



(Translated from Portuguese by a computer so please forgive the grammar.)

Ayrton Senna alongside FNM JK 2000 that belonged to his family

Photo from 1963

Ayrton Senna, at three years, barefoot, playing in his stroller on Aviator Gil William Street in Santana / São Paulo, poses beside a family FNM 2000 JK. It was a car manufactured in Brazil in honor of President Juscelino Kubitschek. Now we know how it all started.

JK was manufactured by National Manufactures Motors FNM; the engine was imported Italian (Alfa Romeo) and the car had five forward gears.

FNM 2000 JK (1960 to 1968)
The first model manufactured by brand, based on the Italian Alfa Romeo 2000 Berlina. It pioneered the five-speed gearbox, dual overhead camshafts, radial tires and aluminum engine head. It was the most luxurious car sold in Brazil at the time, with equipment that is only found on imported cars. In 1964, for political reasons, the car's name became only FNM 2000.


Senna's Start