Alfa Keys

Need Extra Keys?
Here is an easy option!

Order them from the "Rfurtado1 Keys for Classics" eBay store. (Go to and enter "rfurtado1" in the search field — here's a direct link.)

You can order the blanks only, and have them cut at a locksmith or hardware store. Or, if you have your original keys stamped with the original code number, they will cut them for you (recommended). Most of his key blanks are made in Italy and look similar to the originals. Standard hardware store blanks look more like your house keys and sometimes do not work too well. Pricing is very reasonable. Note that OEM (Neiman, SAFE etc.) key blanks are available from various other sources, but they range in price from $175-$450 uncut! They were also used by Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz.

I recently ordered an extra set of keys for my 1966 Duetto and was very happy with the keys and the service. The owner of this business is Robert (Bob) Furtado (email at He is located in southern Mass and works only on eBay. His specialty is key blanks for classic and vintage automobiles, with a great stock of Alfa key blanks.

Original keys

New keys - front

New keys - back

And while you're waiting for your keys, pick up a can of Lock-Ease lock fluid from your local hardware store. Spray a small amount into each lock cylinder. Your lock will work smoother and last longer.Tiny Quadrifoglio


Alfa Keys