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Time To Vote!

the nominations are in and Now it’s your turn! In addition to the six current Board members who’ve worked hard to make our club the dynamic one that it is, another experienced and capable club member (Greg Stidsen) has stepped up and thrown his hat in the ring.

Our club’s bylaws don't stipluate the number of Directors we should have, and there have been as many as ten in the past. So a little of the pressure has been taken off you, our voters, since exactly one nomination for President and one for Treasurer have been received, and the number of nominations for the Board of Directors (seven) means that it’s not going to be a hotly-contested election. But by casting your vote you’re confirming your support for those officers who donate their time and energy to make our club the active, vital one that it is.

A couple of weeks ago, a Call for Nominations solicited submissions from all members interested in taking on a leadership role in AONE. You can submit your ballot online by clicking right here. The ballot contains the names of the nominees for each office. Select one name for President, one for Treasurer, and up to seven names for Directors.

Ballots must be received by the end of the day Friday, June 30th. Results will be tabulated and reported shortly thereafter, and the newly-elected officers will assume their duties immediately.

Following, you will find a list of the nominees along with their phone numbers and/or email addresses in case you’d like to contact any of them to get to know them better, and short biographies that they have taken the time to submit along with their nominations. The mix of incumbents and new nominees should make for a great combination of experience and fresh ideas as we go forward. This election determines how our club is led for the next two years, so send in your ballot now!

For President

Tom Lesko
Hingham, MA

As club President over the past number of years, I have endeavored to maintain and grow a healthy club with the involvement of members and directors alike. Our events have been interesting, varied and well-attended. Some of my tasks as President have included:

  • Coordination with National AROC on all matters relating to club activities and legalities

  • Maintain tax exempt incorporation status, forms, etc. for AONE

  • Submit yearly State incorporation related documents, updates & fees

  • Initialize and submit insurance requests for all AONE events

  • Plan, coordinate & MC the Winter Pot-luck party, obtain door prizes, prepare slide show

  • Plan, coordinate and run the South Shore Beach and Waterfront Tour, prepare maps, luncheon

  • Plan & coordinate the (nearly) yearly kickoff luncheon meeting

  • Tutto Italiano: Store, deliver and setup/teardown AONE tents & banners, & "preside" over the tables

  • Plan, coordinate & MC the Holiday party, caterers, venue, etc.

  • Store, categorize, loan out club tools and loaner items

  • Maintain club records

  • Generally oversee the activities of the club

I will entertain all suggestions from club members and try to improve the involvement of all associated with the Alfa Owners of New England. For the record, I have been an Alfa owner since 1970 when I bought my first ’65 Giulia Spider Veloce, of which I now own three. I have been an AONE member since the 1980s and a member of other Alfa clubs since the 1970s. I have been a Director of AONE for many of my membership years, organized many club events, dealt with National AROC issues & legalities, and as President I will continue to do the things that have made our club one of the best in the country.

For Treasurer

Peter Walker
Beverly, MA

I have been a member of AROC and the owner of a California 1977 Spider since 1991, a member of AONE since 1997, an AONE director since 2001, and AONE treasurer since 2010. Before moving back to the east coast and joining AONE, I was a member of the Minnesota, Western Michigan, and Detroit chapters of AROC. My return to Massachusetts in 1997 coincided with the rejuvenation of AONE under the current chapter administration. The chapter's success since then has been one of the great benefits of living again in New England. In my years as a director I have helped to organize a number of events. The best known of these are the annual autumn AONE driving tours in the Berkshires, where I used to live (and enjoy some wonderful sports car roads) and (with the help of Dave Pratt and Phil Bostwick) our winter auto-related film get-togethers. If re-elected (and even if not), I would continue to help organize these and other events and generally do all I can to help our club continue to thrive.

For Director

Jim DeWaele
Glocester, RI

I own a red '73 GTV and recently completed a fairly extension restoration.  When time permits, my wife Patti and I enjoy driving in the country and down to the water.  It is great fun and provides fond memories of being in my brother's green GTV.

When I am not pursuing such fun, I am responsible for Business Development at Rage Frameworks, a Genpact company, based in Dedham, MA.  It has been a great experience to have worked with the same team for over 20 years.

Patti and I live in Glocester, RI where we raised our family, Andraea and Tyler.  Often thought to be the center of the universe, one will find Glocester in northwestern RI.

I have been a Director for a few years and enjoy how the club brings me closer to the sport and the fun social settings.

Looking forward to more good times!

John DeWaele
Scituate, RI

I reside in Scituate, RI, and have been an Alfa owner and AONE member since 1978. I am currently the Advertising Chairman and would like to continue in this position working with our Board of Directors.

My goals are to enhance and grow the activities of the club while increasing the attendance at our events. With increased membership and seeing new faces at our events, I see a positive future for our club.

Viva Alfa Romeo!

George Dolak
Newton, NH

Having wrenched as a hobbyist on Alfa Romeos since the days of the Kennedy administration, I have some understanding of their mechanics. While the original 750 and 101 series were my first victims, I developed a lasting appreciation of the original Duetto and the later generations of Alfa Spiders.

I enjoy driving New England roads and as a director like to take charge of planning and participating in some driving activities in and about New Hampshire. While the population and activity on our roads have greatly increased over the years, there are still many scenic drives to be enjoyed in less congested traffic than in the Boston locale. My daily driving on these routes gives me personal experiences that I would like to share with my fellow AONE members.

Dan Donovan
Paxton, MA

It has been a pleasure to serve our membership and I would like to continue to serve on the AONE Board of Directors. I continue to be supportive of club events and look forward being active in any way needed. I would be happy to participate on any subcommittee or area that the Board feels would benefit our club, such as expanding membership or assisting with our club events. 

Tom Ducibella
Beverly, MA

I've been a club member since the 1970s, written AONE articles on Duetto restoration (compiled into a club publication with over 100 copies sold, could do rerun), hosted numerous events on the North Shore over the years, judged Italian Car Day (now "Tutto Italiano"), helped owners with upholstery and restoration questions, and my GTV was in the "Passion, Design, & Performance" exhibit at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum. In a similar position in Ferrari Club of America, I am now organizing joint events (AONE & FCA) such as the ones at Glynn Motorsports and at Ferrari of NE (dealership).  Looking forward to recruiting/assisting new directors in organizing new events and in helping to promote more interaction with Alfa Romeo and dealer events.

Gene Durso
Leicester, MA

I have owned several Alfas since the early 1980s and have been a member of AONE for most of those years. I try to attend as many of our club events as possible and would like to have the opportunity to represent the interests of our members, many of whom I have known for a number of years. I have more recently been involved with organizing what has become the annual Wachusett Hill Climb and Brewery tour. I would like to continue to represent the members of the club as a Director.

Greg Stidsen
Andover, MA

I would like to serve the membership of AONE as Director. After enjoying many events and the camaraderie of the Club for some years now, it is time to give back. I have owned Alfas since 1994 and joined the club in 1998. My previous car club experience includes FLU, COM, and SCCA. I hope I can contribute and help grow the club. Now that Alfa is back we have the opportunity to bring new members into the fold as young people discover the joys of driving an Alfa Romeo.Tiny Quadrifoglio

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