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Call For Nominations

It’s been two years since you elected your current club officers, which means that it’s time to do it again! To that end, nominations are now being sought for all of the positions on our Board of Directors.

The positions to be filled on the Board consist of the following:

• President
• Treasurer
• Eight Directors

Generally, all of the Board Members are responsible for the oversight and planning of our club’s activities and are required to plan one event per year. The President’s job is to oversee and preside over the club and club business activities from a National and Local perspective. This includes State/Federal business incorporation, legal issues, insurances, National AROC business and notifications, coordination of the efforts of the Board members and to call and preside over club meetings. The Treasurer’s role is probably relatively obvious. All of the Directors should be willing to organize and take complete charge of one AONE event — an autocross, track event, rally, concours, social event, whatever — each year.

But wait — there's more! In case you need an extra little nudge, the club has had some shirts made exclusively for the incoming Directors. They're long-sleeve cotton twill with the AONE logo and "Director" embroidered above the pocket (see below). Just a little extra perquisite!

So take an active role! Submit your name for nomination by sending a brief biography (100 words or less) by mail or email to:

Mail: AONE, 300 Westfield Street, Dedham, MA 02026

Specify your name, the position you’d like to be nominated for, and how you can be contacted.

Note to current Board Members/Officers: You must submit yourself for nomination — otherwise it’ll be assumed that you no longer wish to hold a position on the AONE Board.

Note to non-current Board Members/Officers: Many of you have taken active roles in planning and running our club events recently. Why not make it official? Get a little credit for it! Make your voice heard and help set the direction of our club! Send in your nomination!

Nominations will be published on our website soon, so they must be submitted no later than June 20! The details of how and when the election will take place will also be published then, with the election itself to follow shortly. That way, the new Board will have an opportunity to make a difference this year!

We need a team of enthusiastic Alfisti to help further our club’s successes. So get those nominations in today!

Club Business