Golden Age of Racing

Phil Hill in a Ferrari 156 F1 Sharknose (circa 1961)

AONE member, GTV driver, and Cape Crusade Commander Phil Bostwick has done it again! Part II of his wonderful article, The Golden Age of Racing, is now available for our enjoyment and edification. Covering the years 1960-1966, Part II is released for us now in conjunction with the January 17, 2015, AONE "Pizza and a Movie" party featuring Grand Prix. Come join us at the screening party!

When Part I was released back in November, Phil said that he thought he'd gone overboard with it and that Part II would be much shorter. Well, he couldn't restrain himself, and Part II is at least as detailed and in-depth. Oh, and not to mention interesting and entertaining! Based on Phil's knowledge, more fastidious research, and having witnessed some of what went on first-hand, this installment is an even more comprehensive tale about the people, cars, and happenings from this amazing period of history. Part II also contains several great photos from Phil's collection.

The purposes of The Golden Age of Racing are to crank us up to attend the two AONE "Pizza and a Movie" events, to refresh attendees' recollections of the cars and drivers of the period, and to provide some information to those attendees who are unfamiliar with the era. Part I covered the period from 1948 through 1959, and our November movie, The Racers, showed actual shots of the 1954 Mille Miglia and the start of some formula one races occurring during the 1954 season. This month's film, Grand Prix, shows actual shots of some of the formula one races during the 1966 season.

Click here to download Part II of The Golden Age of Racing

Again, don't expect a quick read. But do expect to be highly entertained and informed! You might want to sit down with a favorite winter warmer and your iPad, Kindle, or a print-out of the article. Be prepared to enjoy and learn!

At the beginning of Part II, before delving into the subject material, Phil has included a few paragraphs about Grand Prix, the movie we'll soon be enjoying on our big-screen, surround-sound system on the 17th. It's interesting background info about the people in the film and behind the scenes, and its ground-breaking, award-winning cinematography. Take a look and sign up for the party!

In case you missed Part I, you can:

Click here to download Part I of The Golden Age of Racing

Our sincere thanks go to Phil Bostwick for the gift he's bestowed on us!Tiny Quadrifoglio


Golden Age of Racing