Mille del Capo

Chapter 1 - A Day in Cape Town

Let me share with you some of our experiences in South Africa …

We were recently privileged to enjoy driving over one thousand miles in a 1960's vintage Alfa Romeo while in the company of some wonderful Alfisti. The tour was named "Mille del Capo" — a thousand mile trip through the fairest cape.

While we ultimately travelled the Garden Route from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth, the tour comprised day trips featuring visits to vineyards and car collections while driving through numerous scenic mountain passes.

This tour was organized and arranged by Greig Smith together with his friend John Smith, pictured here at center and right:

This nice 1960 Giulietta Spider was our ride for the week-long tour:

Each day was spent traversing different passes in various mountain ranges in the Western Cape area of South Africa.

This map depicts some of the routes and mountain passes we travelled:

The core group of vehicles that travelled the entire trip consisted of three South African built Giulietta Ti sedans, two Giulietta Spiders, a modified Giulietta Sprint and (solely by default) a Series 105 GTV. A variety of other Alfas joined us for single or multiple days as the "Alfa time" allowed by some individuals work schedules was limited.

Time does not allow me to detail the fun we experienced during the week so I will limit this article to describing our meeting with the Cape Alfa Romeo Club for a drive through the suburbs of Cape Town and the thrilling Chapmans Peak Drive.

We first met with the club members at their clubhouse property and ogled their wonderful assembly of vehicles both vintage and newer Alfa Romeo models.

New friends were met and made!

Departing the Cape Alfa Romeo Club property – Let the tour begin!

Our convoy of 22 cars (20 of them Alfas !!) wound its way through various Cape Town neighborhoods as we travelled toward Silver Mine Nature Reserve which is part of Table Mountain National Park. Here we drove Ou Kaapse Weg .. up and over the Muizenberg Mountains toward Noordhoek.

This panoramic photo at Silver Mine captures twenty Alfa Romeos overlooking Constantia and Tokai with False Bay visible on the right:

The tour continued on to Chapman's Peak Drive where we enjoyed the fantastic seaward views while navigating the dangerous curves of this world famous route.

Chapmans Peak Drive and many others can be experienced in great videos done by Trygve Roberts — click here to take a look.

The obligatory photo shoot was realized at the view site overlooking beautiful Hout Bay.

The tour continued to Hout Bay where we all enjoyed an afternoon meal before viewing the fabulous collection of automobiles owned by Dave Lyons. Click here to view a number of the cars inside Dave's Motor House pictured below:

That about sums up our first day on the Mille del Capo tour. After the visit with Dave Lyons, we parted with the Cape Alfa Romeo Club and headed to the comfort of our hotel to enjoy an evening meal while discussing our day's activities and wondering what additional adventures lay ahead……….Tiny Quadrifoglio

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Mille del Capo